I <3 Torturing Disleksick Nurses


This review is something I had to write since ages. At first I wanted to be more familiar with it, start to feel in the guts before writing about it. Then a lot of stuff came between me and this record and now, after a good can of cold beer I’m ready to talk about my first approach with harsh noise commando Torturing Nurse and the pleasure to listen again to my friends Disleksick from Canada.


Torturing Nurse is the name of an harsh noise duo consisting of Junky and Youki (both on electronic equipment), hailing from Shanghai, China. It’s my first band ever from PRC, so I was very interested to give ’em a try. Torturing Nurse is a quite famous monicker, with over 200 releases under its belt and a cult following all around the world. Sincerely, I’m not familiar with the political situation involving music in China, but I think harsh noise is too much underground to be followed by censorship. Anyway, these are just some personal thoughts! This session is called, speaking of liberty, “The Least Free Places On Earth” and features five minutes of cool harsh noise. The sounds involved are classic loops and distortions, with beeps and rubberish noises. Feedbacks are quite strong, but everything melt together in a quite harmonic ballet of broken frequencies. I’m not expert about Torturing Nurse so maybe this is just a case, but I was expecting something harsher from them, instead I’ve got a soft experience of alienating noise. This isn’t psychedelic or stoning stuff, not at all, but it’s quite different from the harsh noise I’m used to listen to. It puts you somewhat in a gloomy, nostalgic and sad mood, at least for me, while noises and bleeps sound like surrounding and alienating environment, like a mindless city numbing the free thinking man. Maybe I listened to more than it’s intended or maybe I was caught in an emotional crossfire, but I think this kind of limit-less music (just like drone) is built over feelings and gut-deep emotions and, my loved readers, Torturing Nurse are really taking me by my guts on this record. If you want to feel like a man who just wants to live his emotions in a circle of shouting carless people, street-eating trucks, corrupted politicians, polluted air, parks eaten by concrete and control mechanism devouring your freedom, well, Torturing Nurse is providing a great soundtrack to your alienation.





Disleksick is a name that is very familiar on this blog and, believe me, it’s always a pleasure to talk about them. On this record they go back to the primitive, delivering seven songs in teh style they used to do in their beginning. For almost seven minutes forget the ultra-experimental Disleksick, forget the harsh noise perfomances, the noisecore session and the Go-Charge worshipping recording, here you will be blasted away by pure pouding borecore galore! The line up on this record is Andrew on guitar, Dave on drums, Mat on Bass, James on noise while everyone shares vocal duties, even if James is the main one. Instrumentally wise they deliver a very good kind of hardcore fueled grindcore, with blasting rhytmn session and pretty simple guitar riffing. They’re quite clean on these songs, even if sometimes they revel in distortions and feedbacks. Imagine some kind of Man Is The Bastard Infest-ed grindcore and you’ll get the picture. Man Is The Bastard is also a great influence on James’ vocals, with the great monotonic approach we used to love. He doesn’t change is way of singing in any situation, I think he’s the most cold blooded man on Earth, eheheh! His way of singing is very similar to MITB, as already said, but somewhat he reminds me also Lack Of Interest, with their trademark guttural barks. The other members of the band provide their vocal support shouting during “choruses”.
Disleksick is a band that you just can’t describe in a unique way, since each one of their records is different from the other, but this split 7″ with Torturing Nurse follows their effort in their split EP with Agathocles, so if you loved that release, you’ll just go crazy for this one!



Let’s spend some words on teh record itself. It’s pressed on a nice looking pink vinyl with the big hole in just 100 copies. The cover is amde with mashed phone books sheets and looks just AWESOME. On the bottom side it features an horizontal red obi with the logos and the handwritten number of your copy. With this release you’ll also receive two patches with the band logos (mine are on blue cloth) and a copy of the first number of Dave’s zine, Osaka Bondages, which features tracklists and infos on both sides of the record, a cool intie with Junky from Torturing Nurse and a bunch of photos of bikes, Dave & Andrew personal passion (I forgot the mention that on line up infos they’re also providing some BIKE NOISE).

(let’s pretend this is an obi)

Released by Coffin Crawl Records.


~ by petetheripper on November 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “I <3 Torturing Disleksick Nurses”

  1. bellissimo!

  2. Thanks for the review “brah”

    This was one hectic session to record, zero dollars in the band fund, and we were all either flat our broke or had no money to ours names at all. We had to move fast, some songs recorded in about four takes. Some vocal tracks done on the spot!

    We actually re-wrote “Punching Sidewalks” in the studio in order for it to work (mostly because of the drummer who may or may not be typing this up).

    Great times. Recorded in four and a half hours. We brought a bike into the studio, the dude just looked at us and sighed. We recorded this session and the Agathocles split at the same spot. Its this Christian music school/recording studio, but being shit broke punks it was the cheapest. Really cool dudes recording us even though we just basically told him to do the opposite of what he normally does and it will sound good!


    It even looks like a church from the outside. We didn’t fit it at all 🙂

    Putting this record together was another story unto itself…..

    We may do another one in this style in 2011!!!!!

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