Fantasticheskaya Zhaba or how hard is to translit from Latin to Cyrillic


I’m too young to say that I’ve lived tape trading the old school way. That’s just the cold hard truth. But Denis from Russia made me feel like some of you have felt in the old times. He sent me the second demo tape of his noise band, Fantasticheskaya Zhaba. Nothing strange right? The cool factor is that the band is very obscure and there isn’t almost no info on the net, so all I know about the project is from the hand written info-sheet that Denis included in the package. Obscure stuff, hand written infos, no Internet use. Going old school! ehehehe



Anyway, the first thing that stands out in this release is the quality of the package.  The cover is made with hard cardboard and features and awesome artwork, with a multipanel inlay. One thing that caught my interest was the tape itself. I’ve always seen tape with factory writings in English, so seeing one printed in Cyrillic is quite interesting!
The first surprise comes from the style. I don’t know why, maybe I got in touch with Denis when I’ve done the reviews for Hair On My Food Tapes, but I was expecting an harsh noise performance from Fantasticheskaya Zhaba, instead I’ve got a mindblasting dose of noisecore!
The tape is called Матвие́нко иди со мной , translated as Matvienko Come With Me (Matvienko being the major of St Petersburg) and features more then 30 minutes of old school messy noisecore. Another cool stuff is that the line up features Ljuba on vocals, a female singer formerly from Kyrgistan. Russian female fronted old school noisecore, you can’t go wrong!



Their style is more focused around fast and brutal drum explosions, with silence between each song, where you can hear the very cool sound of cymbals that stop vibrating. The two sides are quite different, the first one being more muddy and low-frequencies oriented, while the second one is cleaner and with a sharper approach. Vocals are very cool and shifts a lot in style, going from classic shouts and barks, to clean vocal craziness, shrieks, laments and even whistles. Bass and guitar are quite lost in the mess, but are more prominent on the A side, enhanching the mud effect and creating a undestroyable wall of sound. This side will be surely loved by fans of Permanent Death and Primordial Sounds, even if it’s cleaner and somewhat polished that the classic sound of those bands. There’s also a late 7 Minutes Of Nausea feeling in it, with the feedbacks and distortions acting as glue between each short burst of violence.
B-Side is slightly cleaner, with a stronger core approach to it. Take just the above mentioned influences, shift 7 Minutes of Nausea style to the Your Father Was A Poser… era and add some classic Deche Charge and Noise in it. Vocals are also going quite crazy on this side, with some weird clean singing, adding a strange experimental vibe to the mess. It’s kinda folkish and disturbing at the some time. It’s like punching Melt Banana singer in the ovaries and forcing her to sing some popular chant with a backing band that’s improvising some weird percussions. Man, it’s annoying and funny at the same time!


Anyway, I hope Fantasticheskaya Zhaba gets more recognition because it’s a very good band with an original yet classic approach to the noisecore cause!


Contact Denis/Siggi here :


~ by petetheripper on November 3, 2010.

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