Gorgonized Dorks recipe for a mindblast : tortellini burro & salvia


I was pretty excited about this release. I knew it was coming out, but somewhat I forgot it and when Katz posted on Extreme Noise Forum it was available through Hirntrust Records I was amazed. I really like Gorgonized Dorks on vinyl and since the only full EP (the Destroying Your Stylus 7″) is rare as hell I loved the idea of listening ten minutes of Dorks noise on vinyl. Those mean bastards cheated me. Salvia Mindblast is a single sided 7″!


[really nice artwork, btw]


So….I’m thrown down and sad about that but what can I do? At least I can try to enjoy this record anyway. Damn…it’s good as hell. On this slab of vinyl the sick duo from California delivers a great amount of noise in its widest concept. The Dorks are usually known to release harsh/experimental stuff or more classic noisecore records, but the two genres are almost everytime well divided. On Salvia Mindblast Katz and Ben melted these two emishpheres together creating a great sound that like a square-&-sawtooth-waves-made oroboro embraces the whole spectrum of the anti-music environment. The record starts with an harsh noise “intro” which smashes your face with the usual amount of noises, reverbs, loops, blips and so on. This track sets the mood for what is yet to come, warming up the listener for a lethal dose of noise. After a little bit more than a minute a nervous and almost powerviolence drumming kicks in, with noisy and super-fuzzy guitars making way for an acid screaming from Katz (who, I think, is using vocal effects on this). This track is really cool, because it fuses classic noise/grind structures with a great core approach and harsh sounds. It looks like they’re not only melting together harsh and noisecore, but also some of the old Katz projects, like Hated Principles or None Of Your Fucking Business. If you’re following this rabid noise monger for some years you’ll love this track. After this amazing song things start getting chaotic, bending more on the classic noisecore style but without forgetting the distorted harsh parts. Even vocal wise Katz starts to sing in a more classic growl, even with some extemporary vocal craziness. The last song features a strange guitar licks that bursts out between the noise, while Ben is destroying everything with his drums. Talking about Ben he’s doing a great job on this record, especially in the noisecore parts!

Even if I was disappointed by the lack of a second side on this record, I’ve found it’s really good and shows a band in a great shape. I don’t always like the experimental side of Gorgonized Dorks, as I’ve already said in other posts, but I think this combination of harsh/experimental and noise elements is really amazing!


some other stuff by them (from the awesome split EP with 7MON)


~ by petetheripper on November 2, 2010.

6 Responses to “Gorgonized Dorks recipe for a mindblast : tortellini burro & salvia”

  1. thanks for the killer review! glad ya liked our latest vinyl output! the one-sided thing was wolfgang’s idea, so we decided to squeeze all the energy we can into the one side alone! 😉

  2. the destroying your stylus 7″ doesn’t even have music on it! It’s a blank 7″ with grooves scratched into it with a screwdriver or something. it’s completely unplayable, which is why it’s called destroying your stylus!

    • ahahha cool i didn’t know that!

      • yeah, it was a release that was heavily inspired by some of the absurd stuff noise bands such as the haters, msbr, gerogerigegege, and others have did in the past. ben and i etched grooves and scratches on each respective side of the record by hand with a pocket knife… it was limited to a mere 65 copies, so it’s a definite collectors item. LOL

      • cool! something like the paszto power EP by the might PASZTÖRÖZÖTT !

  3. SMG have TOTAL BLANK 7″ vinyl released too, bought blank “test copies” from a German pressing plant, no groove, just vinyl. but come with extra CDR so you can still listen to the “vinyl song” hehe. ask Brandy Grind Block or Niels CSMD, they own a copy 😀

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