BsEoTnOiNc tAenMtaEclRes

Beton Amer is surrounded by mistery. This French act is an all-star band featuring members of Shitnoise (I had the pleasure to see them in Alessandria two years ago), Magistral Flatulences and Rising Terror, but that’s all I could find out about them. This little info comes from the Nuclear Alcoholocaust MySpace page, Hicham gave me a contact who could give me some explanations but I never get replied. Anyway this aura of secret can add something to the feeling you’ll have while listening to this tape.


Talking about the tape itself, it looks really professional, with a cardboard sleeve and the name sprayed (or something like that) on the tape itself. From what I see on the NH records page this release exist in two different cover colors, sand and grey, mine is grey.
There’s no track titles and each side is composed to sound like an unique, long track. Side A and B differ a lot in style, even if both are all made up by 100% analogical sounds (as proudly written on the inlay).
A Side shows the more core side of the super group. Everything is instrumental here or at least I can’t hear any human vocals on this tape! They start pounding your eardrums with a super classic grinding noise pattern, full of early 90’s references. So if you like raw and muddy old school grindcore you’ll dig a lot these blasts. Fast drums, ultra distorted guitar and a super rotten bass tones that comes straight outta hell. There are a lot of noise influences here, with an huge amount of cool effects, drones , waves and so on. Sometimes it leans on the harsh side, more often the composition dwell in the ambient environment. The beginning of the side is almost pure instrumental noisegrind, while as it goes on it becomes more and more industrial oriented, looking like a vocal less collaboration between classic Bastard Noise and Denak. This fusion of genre is very pleasent to listen to, especially when drums start kicking in creating a messy wall of old school grinding chaos. Riffing is also simple but efficient and the guitar fits very well in this distorted sounds. It was quite a surprise for me, because I was expecting a more harsh oriented music, even knowing some of the names involved, and what I heard enjoyed me a lot!

On the B Side Beton Amer becomes harsh and loses all the grind feeling of the A Side. Harsh noise in its purest form, with a lot of loops and noise patterns on eternal repeat, leaning on HNW territory. The side begins with a growing “noise riff” that after some minutes explodes in a neverending wall of distortion. The main drone is quite annoying, giving the usual unpleasant feeling that comes out from a lot of HNW releases. The distortions are quite simple and act just like a messy environment for the main noise frequency. Quite funny but, even if fitting in the wide concept of the tape, I think the A side is much more better the B one, also because the fusion of classic core and harsh is very cool and the absence of vocals adds a lot to the alienating feeling Beton Amer created.

So I think this tape is well worth a listen for the A side, suggesting it to all the noise fans, both core and harsh ones, while the B side is mostly a die-hard only listening session.
Check it out, only 30 copies made!

Coproducted by Nuclear Alcoholocaust and Underground Pollution.


~ by petetheripper on October 24, 2010.

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  1. it’s a good tape indeed!

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