Cancer is like a terminal extortion

Everyone one is talking about Extortion. This Aussie act is praised by almost everyone of my friends who have tastes I respect, so I started lurking around to hear something from them. After listening some stuff on MySpace and Youtube I began to understand all the fuss about this band and as soon as I found out they were playing in Milan I went straight to the gig. I’ll talk later about the concert, now I want to talk about Terminal Cancer, their EP I’ve bought at their gig.

Terminal Cancer is not their latest output, those being the Demo 7″ (reviewed on The Noise Corner) and the Loose Screws 10″, but is surely one of the most enjoyable releases by Extortion so far. The band set a very high par with its releases, delivering a tremendous amount of sheer brutal awesomeness. I haven’t listened to all of their stuff, but I think the self titled 7″ & 12″, plus the Sick album and the split EP with Agents Of Abhorrence are pure gold. One of the best thing about Extortion are the artworks, which describe perfectly how the records will sound. They’re simply awesome, just look at the cover art for the abovementioned split with AOA

Terminal Cancer depicts a train smashing through a car and that’s exactly how the record sounds. The first stuff that will stick out while listening to this EP is the production, way more thicker than usual, with a dirty and raw attitude. Don’t expect the sharp riffing of the old records, here is all rooted in mud, with a strong and rough approach. Songwriting is also excellent, with a huge amount of tempo changes and awesome bass lines (I really love basslines in this genre). The major influence is still Infest, but spiced up with an amazing love for speed and chaos driven drumming. Vocal wise Rohan sticks mostly to almost clean shouts, showing the straight-outta-hardcore attitude of the band. They descrive themselves as hardcore punk, and that’s true, because they sound like a strong punk-oriented HC band throwed in a broken tape recorder that sometimes speeds up and sometimes slows down. There’s also a strong old school powerviolence approach, so expect your classic dose of Neanderthal and Man Is The Bastard here! One of the things I like the most in this genre is the slow tempos and Extortion are truly masters in this. When they start to slow down and take breath you know they’re just adjusting the aim to your throat, ready to attack at the next acceleration. I also like my powerviolence to be nervous and yeah, they’re also great in that! Tempo changes, small solos, explosions, breakdown, everything is thrown together to depict the miserable condition of modern man, shaked among problems and stress. Lyrics are also GREAT, with a lot of personal messages put in a social complex. They mostly deal with misanthropy, unfitting social life and hatred for sheep human beings. I’ve found a lot of similiraties with old Cripple Bastards and mighty Despise You! If I have to pick a track that describes the whole record I have to chose the last one, ironically enough the one who describes also the artwork (maybe just to remark how cover art are important in Extortion!), Trainwreck, who starts with an explosion of pure hatred and brutality and then slows down in an asphyxiating down tempo with spoken words. Amazing.

“Time is not, is not forgiving. Dead end life, the life they’re living.
Knocked down again again again. But never changed never bending.
Some are born right at the bottom, they’re never seen just forgotten.
Ugly stupid just plain rotten. Dealt a bad hand from the start and screwed until they depart.”

Speaking about the concert, it was hosted last Wednesday at Cox 18, a glorious squat here in Milan. Extortion toured with Seein Red and the first surprise was to see the legendary Dutch act opening for Extortion! I don’t know if it was the habit or they were switching places gig to gig, anyway it felt kinda strange, eheheh.
I’ve never really followed Seein Red. I really like Larm but while I enjoy their new incarnation they just don’t catch my attention. Besides that they put up a great show and watching three middle aged men blasting so hard and so fast was amazing! They set the tone for the evening and was cheered but the crowd. Good show.
Extortion came on stage and teh magic happend. While the other members was setting up their instruments, Brendan started jamming the riff from Dragonaut with his guitar. When a powerviolence guitar player jams a legendary stoner riff you know the show will kick ass. And it went like I hoped. They started playing, no bullshits, no talking, no breaks, just plain violence and speed. The slower parts were killing my breath and when they finished their set they were called back out again for an encore. Really nice show by a really nice band. They were also very easy going and Luke was kind enough to give me their set list, which went like this :

Worthless Life
No Motive
Life Under Lies
Curpl Up + Die
Rising Tide
Curb Crawl
Lose Control
Beginning Of The End
Enough Rope
Pull The Pin
Messed Up You’re Next


Watch out their tour dates and don’t miss them!





~ by petetheripper on October 23, 2010.

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  1. uei! mi ha detto giulio che vi siete incontrati giù al concerto. io ormai ero a zurigo a sclerare per non poterci essere… stammi bene!

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