Korova Meeting


Korova is a band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama and play fucking rabid hardcore. For what I can assume by their photos they are a four piece act, even if the list of band members goes on forever on their MySpace because it includes former and part time members. Anyway, it’s not so important how many of them are making this racket as long as it’s so powerful. They are gonna to release a tape limited to 100 copies called Demonstration #7089 in a bunch of weeks (days?) and I could give it a listen through Bandcamp.


They play rabid and savage raw hardcore, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, with the more extreme parts verging on the edge of more extreme genres like powerviolence (mostly) or grindcore (not that often). The first song is called Women of Sophistication and displays a raw and straight forward attitude. Short riffs, Venom-ish inspired drumming and barks. Everything is going quite loud and with an awesome destroying attitude. This is surely a blast in a live context. The second track, Magnets, is one of my favorite on this demo, with a slower approach and a more complex structure. Don’t expect Tourniquet playing Coroner cover songs, obviously, but there’s a lot of tempo changes, short, fast & loud guitar solos and a shitload of breakdowns, with vocals sewing everything together. Vocal wise I think they reached a very good level, delivering grunts with an alienating recording style, just think a rawer version of the classic Electric Wizard vocal style (I know, I’m saying their name too much but I can’t wait for their new effort eehehe). The third track is my favorite. Shareholders Meeting displays a fast and unforgiving pace, with lyrics shouted in a full throttle acid spitting pissed off style. Music wise they lean more on the fastcore side, with linear and simple riffing launched at shuttle launching speed! The ending part slows down, setting the tone for the last song, Prophet With One Eye, a more powerviolence influenced track, full of slow and nervous breaks, enhanched with an amazing dose of circuit bent instruments, which appears here and there on the demo and are a very good addition to an hardcore record.
On the flipside the band delivers a live set taken at Magic City Wholesale from a gig wity Rational Animals and Vile Intent, which displays the energy and the intense perfomance of these sickos on stage.


Four songs are not enough to judge a band in a clear and safe way, so I think we have to wait something more from Korova, anyway I was quite impressed by these guys, reminding me some crazy bands like Love Potion and the mighty Strong Intention. Watch out for Korova in the newar future, they have all the qualities to become a very good HC band.

“We ingest
All the shit that they feed us
Waiting for the next boom
Instead of kicking down the door “


~ by petetheripper on October 18, 2010.

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