Do you remember the 4ka series of 3″ by PTAO? By now they should have been released all the three volumes but things didn’t came out as expected and it delayed, so far only the first two discs have been released and, since I’ve already talked about the first one, here’s the review for the second!



The first main difference is the language…while the first one was written in a more common English, this one is in, as far as I can find out, in Russian, with a clear amount of problems for non cyrillic-reading listeners and I don’t know if exists an English version of this. Anyway, crossing the two discs I’ve found out that they came out from the same recording session at Barbarella Studios with, obviously, the same line up. The style used on this disc is very close to the first volume, so expect the usual dose of frantic and powerful noisecore by these Czech pioneers. The main difference is a thicker sound, with more cohesion between each song. Compositions are more long, with a 8 seconds average per song instead the 5 seconds average of 4ka part 1 (yeah, do the math!). Songs are even more serious (in their own way, ehehehe) with a more classic approach. There’s also a lot of cool reference in sound to the old days, just listen to that reverb on the first track! In the third track there’s a nice comeback of the usual classical music interferences in PTAO songs, with an exrept of Celeste Aida from Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida. There is also a very crazy section in the 8th track, with a bunch of vocals just between Gut and Halford! Every section is really intense, with pouding drums and the impro feeling that is always great in records like this. Even if the first episode of this series was very good I think they made a little step ahead with this one, with a more straight forward approach, without forgetting the crazy factor that made PTAO a band loved by a huge fanbase. If you like your noisecore to be funny but without letting down the extreme factor, PTAO is surely one of the best choices. I don’t have to reccomend 4ka 2/3 to those who already bought the first one, who I think are willing to complete the series just like me, but I really want to reccomend this two records to anyone that’s searching a way to spend some minutes of funny noise entertainment!





Beside the review, I want to thank everyone for the support you give me. Yesterday this blog went over 10.000 visits and for me it’s a GREAT thing. I never thought I could find myself still doing this and every word you say to me (either in a bad or good mood eeheheheh) drives me forth. Thanks again!



~ by petetheripper on October 13, 2010.

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