This is not a threat, it’s AGATHOCLES!!!!


Selfmadegod and Agathocles are deeply tied, at least in my heart. When I started listening to grindcore I was stuck almost only to the Giulio The Bastard distrolist and I was really amazed how many releases he had from this Belgian band. So i decided to pick up the first Mincecore History, just to have an idea about how they use. Damn. That was a blast. That little disc is still one of my favorite records and its follower kicks also major asses. Both of them (and also the two that will be released later on) were released by Selfmadegod, so I began to associate the label and the band as a couple of pure awesomeness. Years passed and I still love both of them! I don’t think it’s a case that the only full length that I don’t like from Agathocles is Grind Is Protest which wasn’t released by the Polish powerhouse! Anyway, this year the magic duo already gave us a GREAT output, the Peel Sessions, which displayed one of the best performances by Agathocles and a nothing less than killer tracklist (which contains my favorite version of Kill Your Fucking Idols EVER), so my expectations were very high when I’ve heard that Selfmadegod had to release their new full length.


This Is Not A Threat, It’s A Promise (later on just written TINATIAP) kicks the balls of society just from the cover, depicting a priest forcing a child to touch is booga looga, not realizing the kid has a cleaver, preparing vengeance. The line up is the same as the ones they had in the last two years, so Jan on guitar and vocals, Bramn on bass and Nils on drums and vocals. Musical wise they obviously start where they ended on the last album, so the style is pretty similar to the one used in Grind Is Protest. The main differences are the songwriting quality and the variety of the compositions. Songs are more memorable and, even in their predictable appeal and not-so-original way of developing, they are almost all very good and enjoable, with a great passion flowing through the notes and a very determinated appeal. In the last 4-5 years I wasn’t always enthusiastic about Agathocles new releases, feeling they had to gain more cohesion and to be more intense. Maybe the two big changes (the switch from bass to guitar by Jan and the death of Tony) had shaken the basis of the band and I understand that, but I have to say that this album, even in its pretty ordinary quality, defintely ends this “dark” period. Agathocles may have not released their best album to date, but they are here to shout “We are Agathocles, we carry the torch of grindcore and we are here to stay”. The sound is, as said above, pretty similar to the last releases, so expect a pretty simple and not so prominent drumming, super fuzzy guitar and dark vocals. The second great improvement in this album is the variety of the songs. It sounds like Agathocles wanted to do a greatest hits with new songs. There is almost everything they made through the years. You can hear pure grindcore songs, mincecore ones, crusty lines and hardcore choruses. It’s like a big checkpoint where they delivered all the goods they learned through their career. Even Jan switches a lot, vocal wise, going from deep grunts to shouts and screams. Those who knoe the band in a deep way will find a lot of common points with old albums, liek the sheer attack of Superiority Overdose, the slower HC tunes they showed in Razor Sharp Daggers, the mince core fuzziness from Mincer, the more crusty feeling of To Serve…To Protect, the short straight forward songs blasted in Humarrogance and Thanks For Your Hostility or the dark grindcore tunes from the Black Clouds Determinate era. There is also a tight resemblance to the B-Side of the amazing Obey Their Rules 12″, so expect some dark and gloom moments too! There are also two cover songs in this album, which is not common by Agathocles, one of Ulkopuolinen by legendary Kuolema and one of God Save The Real Green Crocodile by fastcore Belgian band Ronald Ruck. The latter is super funny and a very nice addition to an Agathocles record! Lyric wise they deal as always to a lot of social aspects, from pollution to politicians going through economy and scene posers, you know what to expect.


Obviously this is not on the CD, but who cares? It kicks ass!


How do I rate this album? Long time fans will find it really funny and a good way to span through all the career of one of the most amazing band that have ever graced extreme music. Those who don’t know the band (you fools!) will find it maybe a little bit confusionary and predictable. This record IS predictable and won’t revolution your collection at all, anyway it’s a very nice addition to it and if you want to give him a chance will amuse some hours of your life! Beside that, if you love the Belgian godfathers of grindcore, grab your copy, you won’t be disappointed!


Even if not linked to Agathocles here’s a nice gig suggestion if you’re gonna spend your Halloween in Austria, check it out!


~ by petetheripper on October 12, 2010.

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