Rot Is A Lie! Life Is A Rot!

I realized I’ve never talked about Rot. I’ve reviewed Agathocles, Violent Headache, Dahmer, Denak, Cripple Bastards but no Rot (and also no Unholy Grave, but there will be time for them). So I decided to write something for one of their latest releases.This split was recorded between 2006 and 2007, so only a year before they broke up, but it was released only in 2009 by Rescued From Life Records. Rot side features five songs of ear splitting old school grindcore plus a cover of Gloria E Guerra by Life Is A Lie. Their style has been almost unchanged since the beginning of their career, just evolving in speed and sheer brutality. The songs are pretty short, with a strong riffing structure and a blasting rhytmn section. On this record there’s Rafael from Dispepsiaa on drums, so it’s cool to see a familiare face on such a nice slab of vinyl. Rot wasn’t the most original band on the planet and that’s pretty obvious, but they managed to put out a lot of VERY cool records and this one is one of those. There’s no time to breath between these songs and the slower parts are only there to enhance the sense of speed. Vocal wise Marcelo does a great job switching from growl to scream, letting the faster parts point out like an eyebulb in a bunch of flowers.



Life Is A Lie is a powerviolence band from Sao Paulo and, as far as I know, they made only two releases, one being this, the other a full CD. Before talking about music let me say that, even if it may be a mere coincidence, they always featured super cool artworks on their records! Going back to the songs, they unleash a tune written by them, plus a cover from Rot (Destroy Everything) [FUCK HATEBREED!!! ndPete]. The first one is a long and sludgy song, with a very weird and uncomfortable feeling, carried on by a mesmerizing duel between a fuzzy guitar and a martial drum. The contrast between the speed of Rot and the slowness of Life Is A Lie is amazing, also for the perfect way the monicker of the band describes their music. The end of the song dwells in noise territories, with strange feedbacks and electronic sounds, featuring experimental ensemble Gengivas Negras. A bass intro let the cover from Rot kick in, showing that Life Is A Lie can go fast and damn, they can also rip your face out! This record is very nice, maybe nothing too memorable, but it features a good bunch of songs and a very cool contrast between A-side and B-side. Reccomended!


Out on Rescued From Life Records.



Besides this short review I also wanted to link you two amazing videos, one featuring a radio rip of one of the songs from the new Electric Wizard album (which I’m expecting A LOT) :

the other a cool song by friends Frustrazione, keep an eye on them, they’ll come to your house and rip everything apart!

Also, there will be a lot of cool stuff coming out in the next month. Goatgrind records will put out a new square lathe cut 8″ by Agathocles, plus the vinyl version of their new album (which, by the way, is quite good and I’ll review it very soon) and a picture 12″ version of the super classic Black Clouds Determinate, here’s the artwork :



Cripple Bastards will (finally!) release their 6″ split EP with Looking For An Answer, with an artwork that is linked to their “new” underground spaghetti western attitude (like starting their gigs with the theme from Il Grande Silenzio by Corbucci or the design of their indian skull tee) :



Acid Redux records will release on the 22th of October their long awaited tribute to Anal Cunt tape, check it out!



Last, but not least, throw away some bucks and buy The Noisecore Days by Violent Headache from Mortville Records, it’s a GREAT release and will be a GREAT addition to your collection!



~ by petetheripper on October 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Rot Is A Lie! Life Is A Rot!”

  1. Glad you liked it, Simone! Thanks for the cool review. Three things i’d like to point: Clay, the worm behind Rescued From Life Records is nothing but a huge piece of shit! That prick fucking ripped both bands off and he’s still owning us some copies. A big number when it concerns about LIAL, if you ask me. Second thing is about what Rot did. Rot style has changed A LOT over the years, Simone. Take our first 7″ which is “Almighty God” or the “Cruel Face Of Life” album and compare them to the split 10″ with Yacopsae, or the “A Long Cold Stare” album or our last work which was the Life Is A Lie split, for example. They don’t sound the same at all. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a total different band (and we didn’t want to), but it does sound different and it shows perfectly that the band was always moving forward and not doing the same shit over and over again. Third thing is about the orginality. We didn’t invent a genre or something, that’s for sure. But it is pretty obvious that Rot had its own face and its own to play grindcore! That is quite obvious! Once again, thanks a lot, Simone! As i told ya many times before, your support is REALLY appreciated! FUCK RESCUED FROM LIFE RECORDS!!!

    • Thanks for the compliments man! Well I didn’t know about the problems with Clay…that sucks for sure!
      Anyway, when I talk about originality I talk about evolution in a more wide way. It’s like a,mmmm how can I sai it…provocation to all the mainstream pricks. If Rot, or Unholy Grave, or Agathocles were mainstream bands, with a lot of media following etc etc, even in their evolution were labelled as static bands, if you know what I mean! Rot, with all the line up changes and style evolutions, was surely a constant moving band! I like bands like the one said above also because, even in their changesm they’re always how i like them, eheheh

  2. saludos tienes material increible nadamas los vendes?no te interesa cambio de viniles me encuentro en mexico

  3. rescued from life records=rip off

  4. clay newell rob me 165 dollars since 22 december 2012. never send me my shits.
    die in hell rip off bastard!
    see the picture with my paypal account.
    im not lying
    please spread it

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