I reviewed Eating Machine some weeks ago and I wanted to make a little interview to them, for both my interest and the lack of infos about this project that can be found online. Phil was kind enough to answer my questions, so here you are, the Eating Machine review!

Q – Hey guys, thanks for answering this intie. How are you doing?
A – Doing great.
Q – Can you tell us a story of the band, how it was born and how it developed through the years?
A – Well I started Eating machine as a one man project when I was 16 with a 4 track recorder. I put a split out with Godstomper and it was not that great sounding because I lack at the drums. When I was 18 I met bill when my friend was selling weed to him. He saw me playing drums in Juggernaut (previous band) and said I could borrow his cymbals if I needed because mine were cracked bad. I said we should jam cuz he liked grind and so did I. Once we jamed i figured I would turn Eating Machine into a real band.

Q – What about playing in two? Is this difficult for you? Is it a specific choice or it just happened?
A – Two pierces are the best! E.M. is one and so is Hail. Songwriting is quicker and we can tour in a car. It’s all around more efficient.

Q – How was the writing process for your EP?
A – The order of those songs are by order of creation. We wrote the first two (Fucked/Trapped) 0n the first day we ever jammed. Then so on.

Q – Tell us something about the scene in your local area
A – Things just don’t seem the same. I don’t see any younger kids in it and that bums me out. I’m only 20, not saying I’m old, but where are the future bands? I’m the youngest in the scene and I started bands when I was 14. Music cycles and I don’t know where this one is going. I’d just like to see some youthful movement. Nobody moshes anymore. Everyone is too cool to move or even act like they’re into a really awesome band. As far as I’m concerned this scene is dead.

Q – If you are asked to choose 3 bands for a 4 way split, what will be your choices?
A – Worlds,Running for cover,Shitstorm and How We Lost the War

Q – Do you play often live? What can we expect from an Eating Machine gig?
I live in Tampa, Florida and Bill lives in Syracuse, New york so we only play on tour.
Bill used to live down the street from and we would play many local shows then but now just on tour.

Q – What about Hail? Do you have other side projects?
A – I sing and play guitar with my friend Hiram on drums for Hail. It’s more black metal sounding- I’m very excited about it. We have a tape out for $4 ppd.

Q – What are your future plans?
A – Put a Hail LP out. Do more touring with both bands and finish college to open up my own venue.

Q – End this intie as you prefer! Thanks for your time!
A – Take shit from no one.


~ by petetheripper on October 6, 2010.

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