How to play grindcore, lesson # 1 : deliver awesomeness

I really love to find music. Searching websites, shops, distros, flea markets, everywhere, just to find a little gem forgotten in a dusty case. If you’re around my age (I’m 24) you have probably spent some lonely evening trying to find those crazy split Eps from the 90’s, the records everyone told us that, back in the days, ripped everything apart. If I was born about ten years later, probably in 2020 I should have spent my evenings trying to find for few bucks Dispepsiaa/Sakatat. I’m not joking, not at all.

Dispepsiaa destroyed everything with their recent split with Violent Gorge. In my reviewd I’ve talked a lot about how intense they are on that record, pointing out the maniacal power they transmitted through their songs. Well, after some chatting, Rafael told me that the split with Sakatat will feature a recording from the same session of the Violent Gorge split, so I was going to expect a new full blown assault. But not like this. On the previous split the composition were more “easy”, intense but with a catchy hook, full of classic grind guitar riffs and moshing parts. There were also some relaxing breaks like a clean guitar arpeggio. On this split, there is everything but mercy. Dispepsiaa sounds like Terrorizer on speed, going full throttle through a destruction road paved with broken glass and thorns. Screaming and growling are equally used, enhancing the late 80’s grindcore feeling, while guitar is still delivering simple riffs, but they are sharper and faster. Drumming is my favorite side of their style along with the vocals, with a killer sequence of blasting and a lot of machine gun pounding. There are also a lot of stop and go, moshable parts and some mad and chaotic fast assaults. Bass lines are also great, with the instrument always prominent, usually used as a sort of glue between one blast and the other. That’s how I like my grindcore, furious and raging, full of blasts and fast as hell. Dispepsiaa has also the great quality of sounding old school but also very refreshing, with their great riffing style and a super-fine songwriting. The only chance they give you to breath is the last song (and it will probably be their last song EVER!), Algemas Da Bibla, with its breakdowns and dilated riffing, alternated with mad bursts of pure violence. I don’t know what to say more. Dispepsiaa was a great band and this record shows their style and their attitude at their best. Their myspace url features the words “brutal grindcore” in it and I think it’s a great way of describe how they sounded. If you like it raw, fast and unforgiving, don’t miss the swansong of these Brazilian sickos and don’t miss the new incarnation of Rafael maniacal mind, Frustrazione.




And now, SAKATAT! The Turkish band is a personal favorite and I had followed them since their debut split EP with Agathocles (lately repressed by Bringer Of Gore). Since those days they made HUGE improvements, sharpening their sound and defining a fuckin FURIOUS style. Their side starts with a short riff and then a crazy scream, after some feedback the drum starts kicking in and Ikilem burns down the place. A short, intense as fuck song, full of energy and rage. The second track is way more long and is centered by a blind blast beat attack, topped by an amazing harsh riffing and a bunch of cool screams. The riff is simply great, so solid and ripping in his almost thrash core beauty. Each song is characterized by a solid riffing, usually delivered in a ripping and almost thrash metal way, with strong guitar hooks and a mind blowing drumming violence. Vocal wise Sakatat is almost stuck with screaming, enhancing the sense of full throttle speed and pissed off topics. There are almost no infos about these recordings in the inlay, but they sound fucking pro in their raw and powerful shape. What will surely stand out to your ears is the amazing combination of speed, power and rage that flows from this side of the vinyl, totally showing the best bunch of songs ever by Sakatat. They are touring Europe this fall, don’t miss them! Show these Turkish freaks your support and destroy the gig place with some numbskull moshing!




In the end, this is probably one of the best releases of this years, in my opinion surely in the top 3, and will make each one of you old school grind lovers out there fuckin HAPPY. But this slab of vinyl and tell everyone that rock may be dead, metal will be dead in a short time but grind, oh man, grind is getting immortal.

Out on Bringer Of Gore Records.


For added cool factor, you can spot myself reflected in the vinyl. Enjoy my fat silhouette.


~ by petetheripper on September 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “How to play grindcore, lesson # 1 : deliver awesomeness”

  1. la mia copia, assieme a qualche altra chicca, dovrebbe arrivare nei prossimi giorni. non vedo l’ora!

  2. thanx for the great and very detailed review Simone !!
    can’t understand it very good but cheers to you too Attila !! 🙂

  3. I can’t understand a word of your language even if I speak german so we are on the same situation. I remember the dinner with jan, nils, bram, martyr etc and it was really strange eheh.
    by the way simone is in fact a kick ass reviewer but he already knows it ahah!

    cheers to you too eheh!

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