Self Carcass Made Grinder God

When I’ve read the news about the release of the split tape between SMG and Carcass Grinder I was really amazed. Both bands are great and while SMG is one of the best undergroudn bands nowdays, Carcass Grinder is one of my favorite grindcore acts, so it’s not strange that I’ve bought this noisefilled tape as soon as it was possible.

On the A side, here called GOD side, SMG blasts your ears with five (yeah, only five) songs of pure raw grindcore madness. This stuff is more structured and classic in style than the compositions released, for example, in the split EP with Matka Teresa, so expect a full throttle old school grindcore assault. The structures of the songs is quite simple, with a solid yet lienar drumming that serves as the main thread for an effective and raw riffing and pissed off screaming vocals. The side opens with a funny cover version  (or at least I think so,ehehehe) of Without You by Mariah Carey/Badfinger and then blasts with the classic raw and messy style that made SMG famous. The booklet hosts the lyrics to all teh songs, which deal with politics, punx scene and even Satan. SMG ruled, rules and I can bet will rule in the future.

Carcass Grinder is like the sun. You can, usually, rely on them. They will always be there and, while they are here they will deliver Hana Hook, Napalmidabutsu and NFCB. I’ve always loved this band and, trust me, each time I find a release labelled Carcass Grinder it must be mine, but I have to say that the very low amount of songs written by this band compared to the number of their releases is starting to become a problem. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are really talented and I can trade a lot of super prolific shitty band for their static production, but I’m getting bored of buying something from Carcass Grinder and starting to lose the urge to listen to it. By the way this side kicks ass and it’s another great display of how grindcore should be played and even the production is good, maybe it’s just a stupid problem of mine….Carcass Grinder delivers six classic songs in their old school Japanese shaded grindcore, so expect your usual dose of sheer violence and catchy riffs. Amazing, as always…

Nice tape with a very nice pro printing. Only 100 copies so be fast! Out on Revulsion Records.


~ by petetheripper on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “Self Carcass Made Grinder God”

  1. can u make some interview with mighty SMG!!…

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