I’m not surprised I’m fat : I act like an Eating Machine


Rear + Record

For me and, as far as I know, a lot of other people, Eating Machine came out from nowhere. I was introduced to this band by Luca from Jennifer Grind Records (support his label, they’re going to release a bunch of AWESOME stuff!) and pratically forced to buy it at September to Dismember Festival in Bologna in September 2009. That gig brings me great memories, like finally watching the mighty Ghoul and finding myself far from home with two Euros in my pocket. Despite all the bad situations I’ve managed to bring the self titled EP from Eating Machine, even if its sleeve bears some signs of its risky trip. The main problem with this release is the total lack of infos and even on the internet it’s very hard to find something about this band.

Eating Machine hails from Houston, Florida and the band is composed by just two members, Phil on guitar and vocals and Bill on drums. Grindcore duos are always a nice variation on the theme, since my mind goes to phases of bands like Cripple Bastards and Deche Charge… If you have watched the gig or the videos of Pretty Little Flower at Obscene Extreme you can figure out what you can expcect. The lack of a bass guitar gives a sharp and tight sound to every song, which focus more on the high frequencies section, even for drums, enhancing the feeling of acceleration and schizoid tempo changes. On their MySpace there’s a nice list of influences, but the names I can pick up among their suggestions to describe how Eating Machine sounds are Crossed Out, Infest, Siege and Insect Warfare. Their sound dwells in the bordering realms of powerviolence and grindcore. Insect Warfare are surely a strong influence, as the all new-old school bands from US (like Hatred Surge or PLF), but I think I can put Eating Machine in the powerviolence section more easily. The tempo changes are a constant feature in their songs, with a lot of sludgy parts not too far from Man Is The Bastard/Neanderthal. There are also some guitar/vocals combinations (like in Lesson) that reminds me Despise You a lot. The nervous riffing, combined with the absolutely straight to the point drumming and the pissed off vocals, gives to each song a strong and pulsating raw anger attitude that will stick this EP to you record player for a lot of time. For me, this is surely one of the most entertaining powerviolence/grind releases in the last years and it’s criminally underrated, contact the band and buy your copy!
My copy is a clear one, I don’t know if it’s limited or there are also other colors..




On a sidenote, I have to apologize for not writing for so much time, but in the last two weeks my washing machine, my fridge, my tape deck and my cell phone broke, while I had to change the oil and the windscreen wipers of my car, so I was a little bit busy ehehehe. Since my intie with Rafael ex-Dispepsiaa he menaged to put online the MySpace of his previewed band Frustrazione, give em a try! The last thursday I saw Last Days Of Humanity’s gig and, let me tell you, it was A BLAST! Despite the fact we were something around 20-25 in the audience all the three bands (the other two were Modus Delicti and Funeral Rape) played with great energy and passion. Last Days Of Humanity is a warranty of violence and this line up is killer. For the fans of set lists, I’ve managed to take one copy from William (cheers!) and so, here it is!

Born to murder the world
Necrotic eruption
Ulcerate offal
Defleshed by flies
Decrepitated regurgitations in foetal leprosy
48th cut
Rectal bowel inquisition
The ecstasy of swallowing torso faeces
Decomposing sexual aberration
Reeking mush beneath each cavity
In advanced haemorrhaging conditions
Raped in the back of a van
Catering from the womb
Carnal trash
Effective impalement of injected bodies
Erosed intestinal purulency
Septic convulsion
Festering fungus infection

with a lot of samples thrown in the mix. Short set list indeed but very, VERY intense. I was wetting myself when I’ve finally heard the opening sample from Born To Murder The World. If you have the opportunity to see LDOH live, don’t miss it!


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