Interview with DISLEKSICK!

Disleksick, a name, a soon-to-be legend! This band from Canada has destroyed everything in its way since their first release and they just keep improving! As I’ve said before, you just can’t expect what you will hear from them, since Disleksick are able to switch to a lot of style and approaches and mantain their strong identity. They’ve became one of my personal favorites and it has been a great pleasure to be the first to interview these sickos! Enjoy!

Q – Ok guys, welcome to Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog and thanks for your time. Life sucks or it’s going quite well?

James (J)- I cut some grass yesterday.Its going good.

David (D)- Its going, playing with Mesrine in a few days so I am excited for that

Q – Can you describe the beginnings and the way the band grew in these years? What made you start to grind?

Andrew (A)- We all wanted to play some instruments and get into shows for free.

David (D)- I wanted to be in Napalm Death (Lee and Bill era of course) but instead got stuck with these jokers

Q – Why Disleksick?

J- Have you heard us?

D- We used to go by the name Self Inflicted Extinction, it was far to long and confusing so we changed it to a name not as long but twice as confusing. Oh and James has a life threatening case of Dyslexia, ask him to spell a simple word and your fucked.

Q – Point out the three artists that affects your style more, both musically and conceptually…

A- Discordance Axis, Code 13 and Agathocles

D- Man Is The Bastard, Peter Gabriel and also the mighty Agathocles

Pat (P)- Rush, Dream Theater and Genesis

J- All the above

Q – You are doing a lot of exploration in the noise environment, always giving new styles to the listeners. Where do you get the inspiration and how do you work to put all these different styles together?

A- Short attention span and boredom.

D- Some sort of pretentious “vision” to “overwhelm the masses” into somehow liking our shitty band. Also Slap-A-Ham records.

P- Previous Disleksick works before I joined the band

Q – How can you describe your style to someone who doesn’t know the difference between Ramones and Masonna?

D- Ramones= Four dudes with long black hair. Masonna= one dude with long black hair. Disleksick= Four dudes with short hair.Simple as that.

A- If you ever heard an internet dial tone and imagined it with yelling over top and were intriqued by this then you might want to check us out.

Q – Is there a nowadays’ band that you particulary admire or look up to?

J- The Syndrome and Gatgas

D- The hardworking groups in the underground Noiscore and Harsh Noise scene, who have there “eyes on the prize”. Harsh Supplement, Torturing Nurse, Kylie Minoise, Six Brew Bantha, Deche-Charge, Agathocles, etc etc etc

P- Everfree and Opeth

A- Mesrine

Q – What is the way you compose? Do you often shift instruments duties?

A- In the beginning it was whatever I could play on guitar, now we get together and jam.

D- In the “HEAT OF THE MOMENT” you could say. Pat and I switch up between drums and bass these days. Some tracks are improvised and others are written out.

J- I just talk and yell. The POWER of 519!

P- Going along with what Andrew, James and Dave are doing.

Q – Talk me about your side projects!
A- RBR (Rotting Beaver Rectum). My way to try and bug people. It all started when I was recording my cats fighting and it just took off from there.

D- I do Isolation Order (Harsh Noise/Harsh Noise Wall style). That is my “serious” project. I also do D//Cereghini my not so serious one man basement noisecore project, lots of screaming over horrible feedback. Pure shitnoise.

P- I am going to be doing Sloppy Floppy Records with Dave. Look for Floppy Disk releases in the near future.

Q – what is the perfect media for you? Cassette, Vinyl, CD, whatever?

A- Vinyl!

J- Not a CD

D- Reel to reel tape limited to 1 copy incased in concrete

P- cassette or vinyl

Q – Let’s talk about gigs! Do you play often live? What can we expect from a Disleksick gig?

D- We dont play a lot of shows these days but when we do they are usually chaotic. Get a few drinks into James before we go on and he will “nuke the pit”.

P- They are a fiasco of chaos


A- I play fast and get sweaty in that order.

Q – You come from Canada, how is the scene over there? What are the major flaws or pros about being a Canadian band today?

D- Its strong but extremley divided due to the fact that every major city is so far away from eachother.

J- Not enough kids and not enough bands, same story in basically every city

Q – Stupid question but, whatever! I’ve always wondered if there are any social struggles in Canada between French and English speaking people….

P- Not that we have noticed

D- It exists but if you drink enough beer you speak the same language anyway.

J- Im Dyslexic, I cant speak anything that well.

Q – The future is always a big mistery, but what does it have Disleksick ready for us?

J- Stay tuned

D- A trillion tapes, a million records, a few floppy disks, maybe an 8 track tape? By the end of the year split seven inch with Sloth, early next year split seven inches with Deche-Charge and Gorgonized Dorks. Also lots of blast beats.

P- Some really grinding bass lines

A- Dave might lose his virginity.

Q – So, we have finished, close as you want! Cheers!

D- I am kicking Andrew out of the band and replacing him with a lion for extra chaos at shows. Thanks for the interview, we have never done one before so it was quite the honour.

J- Five One Nine Grind All The Time.


P- Thanks very much for giving us the chance to be interviewed


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