Fuck…This insomnia is making me psychotic…

This is a nice little tape released by Crushing Cassettes which features two rising bands from the European and Asian underground : Insomnia Isterica from Switzerland and Psychotic Sufferance from Malaysia.

Insomnia Isterica hails from Tessin and features my friend Attila (check out his blog!) on drums. I had the pleasure of co-releasing with my label their split with Compost and everything I’ve listened from them (splits with Vomitous Discharge and Agathocles and the three-way CD with Fleishwald and Behind The Mirror) convinced me. They play a tight curious way of grindcore, fueled with movie samples and black humour. When I say curious I want to state that they mix a lot of style in a very convincing and well working way. Do you remember when you bought Hatefilled Vengeance from Regurgitate? Maybe, like me, you were accostumed with the songwriting they spawned on the legendary Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood and you were blasted away by the way they turned so tight and fast, like if they were combining classic gore with modern core. How can I describe Insomnia Isterica style in a shorter way? GORECORE. Yeah. Imagine this recipe :

– A Chapter Of Accidents by Dead Infection
– Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration by Last Days Of Humanity
– some drumming from Odour Of Torture by Gut
– the tightness of Hatefilled Vengeance by Regurgitate
– the pig squealing and semi-aseptic sound from Reprocess Segment Database Extender by Negligent Collateral Collapse
– the vocal variety of Desperately Insensitive by Cripple Bastards

Shake it up, but it on a blue tape and voilà, you have Insomnia Isterica side. Clever and dark lyrics, the three different kind of vocals (squealing, classic growl and quasi-HC shouts) and the amazing production make the rest. There are only three songs on this tape, the first two, Slut and Il Meglio Che Date Di Voi : Niente, are two tight and furious songs in teh style I’ve just described above, with a solid songwriting and a stunning vocal performance. I beg your pardon if I insist on vocals, but the way they combine those three style is very good and reminds me the amazing vocals on the last Pigsty effort.
The last song is a cover version of Brother’s Embalming by Dead Infection and it’s quite cool, since it’s the first time I hear a DxIx cover taken out of Brain Corrosion.
Switzerland is a small country but gave us a lot of good stuff (Fear Of God, Celtic Frost, Samael, Embalming Theatre…) and Insomnia Isterica has surely a bright future in front of them!


I’ve already talked about Psychotic Sufferance for their split with VomitHateNoise, so it’s a pleasure to have them again on this blog. They are a four piece hailing from Malaysia and deliver ten songs of furious lo-fi grind noise. The main difference between this recording session and the two I’ve listened (for their above mentioned split tape with VxHxNx and the split 7″ with Melanocetus Murrayi) is a more constructed songwriting attitude, leaning more toward the grind side than the noise one. Less blurr and more grinding, making a long story short. The main influences I hear here comes straight from the beginning of noise grinding, so expect a load of Sore Throat, Tumour and early Violent Headache here, topped with a lot of fuzz and a mono-tonic growl that gives to the songs a strong anti-musical early 90’s approach. The songs are well constructed with nice guitar riffing and an awesome echo/reverb effect on vocals, enhanching the above mentioned 20-years-ago feeling. The way they play and the way they show a simple but strong grindcore approach reminds me the awesome experiment in noise made by Agathocles in their split CD with Depresy Mouse (the Death To Capitalist Noisecore split!), which is very nice. Sadly my tape ends abruptuly near the end of the last song, so I won’t ever know if there’s something amazing or awful in the last seconds, ehehehe.
Anyway, as I said before, Psychotic Sufferance is surely a very nice band, with all the attributes to make its way in the grind/noise underground. Support these sickos!

~ by petetheripper on August 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fuck…This insomnia is making me psychotic…”

  1. uei! grazie mille della rece. mi è piaciuta soprattutto la storia degli ingredienti ahah.
    la parte degli pxsx finisce bruscamente anche da me quindi mi sa che la loro parte doveva durare più di 10 minuti e basta.
    ci sentiamo e grazie ancora.

  2. […] propongo anche la bellissima recensione della split tape con gli Psychotic Sufferance scritta dal soci […]

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