Interview with Rafael from DISPEPSIAA

Let put it straight : Dispepsiaa rules (ruled ;_;). Since I’ve listened to their tracks on the Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault Vol. 2 compilation I was totally blasted away and the news of their breaking up was a tough one to swallow. Luckly they managed to release two new split EP (one with Violent Gorge, reviewed here, and an upcoming one with Sakatat) giving us some new flesh to feast on! I’m really honored to host the interview with Rafael, so waste a couple of minutes reading it and support his new project!!

Q : Hi Rafa! Thanks for answering this interview! Hot is it going?

A : Ciao Simone! Just chilling and listening to the Celtic Frost’s “To Mega Therion” lp here. Grazie for this opportunity.

Q : Can you just track down a little bio for the band, the releases and why you broke up?

A : Sure. The band began in 2004. Played live not a bunch of times, released a demo cd-r, a split cd-r. Lots of line up changes. Broke up for the first time in 2007. 4 months later, the band was active again until the middle of 2009, to broke up again. Not many releases. A demo cd-r called “Cadaveric”, a split cd-r with Warsore, joined the v/a “An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault” Vol 2 cd [which, by the way, is a GREAT compilation, give it a listen! ndPete], joined the v/a “Lo Fi Or Die” Vol I tape, a split 7″ with Violent Gorge was released a month ago, and a split 7″ with Sakatat will be available on the next week. Both the VG and Sakatat splits sides, are from the same recording session, who took place in a near city here back in 2008. There are some other releases who’ll come out later as well. Why the band broke up? Just didn’t want to look for new people for Dispepsiaa. As in the end, I found myself as the only member in the band. I got tired of Dispepsiaa and I wanted to start a new band. Simple like that.

Q : There is some project you and your former bandmates are involved with?

A : Yes. Until some months ago, I wasn’t playing in a band since Dispepsiaa. But luckily, I’m playing in a band again. Frustrazione is the name and we play grindcore. I came up with that name to the other guys. I choose it mainly because it sounds pretty cool. The idea came from the Uart Punk anthem called “Frustrazione”. A band that i love so much! The other guys dug the name, so here we are. It has Antônio on guitar, who played bass in Dispepsiaa for some time. Augusto with the mic, who used to be the Praia De Vômito singer, and me on drums. We have praticed 3 times until now and we are very happy about what we’re doing. Expect a demo in a blink of eyes. Kid, who is the dude that started Dispepsiaa with me, is back with Syndrome Of Terror. An old death/grindcore band from here. They broke up in 2002, but they’re back with the band now. Their split 7″ with Plague Rages was the first 7″ I bought in my life! Aside from the three of us, all the other guys are not involved with nothing anymore. Which is too bad. Specially when it goes about Gordo,Ivan and Ronaldo. Gordo for the amazing person he is and how fucking dedicated he was. Ivan for being an amazing guitarist, and Ronaldo, who is a hell of a great fucking vocalist. But people changes, that’s normal.

Q : What does it mean playing grindcore in Brasil today?

A : The grindcore thing is very small nowdays here. São Paulo is a great example. But I don’t see grindcore as specific scene or a thing separated from hardcore. For me, grindcore is nothing more than an extension of hardcore. It’s about taking hardcore at its extreme. Anyway, the right way of what grindcore is all about, is not a thing that I care. I got my views, of course…but that’s just an opinion. That goes for everything in life. But yeah, I lost my track and need to get back to the question…if there’s some meaning behind playing grindcore here in Brazil, is the necessity of doing the thing you love and nothing more.

Q : I think Brasil, just like Japan, is one of those countries that give birth to bands with a recognizable sound. You know, just a couple of notes and “hell these sickos are from Brasil!”. Can you tell us why?

A : That thing is pretty latent for me, when it concerns about 80’s hardcore punk bands worlwide. What happened in Italy on the 80’s is the best example for that in my opinion. Now about why that happens…you asked the wrong guy. Ha!

Q : With a small amount of releases you went straight to the heart of the raw grind fans, why, in your opinion?

A : It is very nice to hear something like that and I thank you, Simone. Why? Man, I really have no idea. It may sound very cliche, but when we were doing our thing, it was made only for ourselves. To hear that someone dig us that much as you do, is nothing but a huge honour for me! We can’t complain about anything in that way. Of course that we were a very small band, but the feedback we had, having only a few releases out there, it’s a fucking cool thing.

Q : You’re fond of Italian movies of the past decades. Why do you love ‘em so much and how they reflect in your daily life?

A : I don’t know why. I only know that it is a thing that I’m crazy about. About how it does affect my life, i wouldn’t like to point the Italian cinema only. Gaspar Noe’s “Seul Contre Tous” for example, it’s a movie that I feel very connected with, because of my percetion of seeing things and they way I am, my nature. The same goes to Jörg Buttgereit movies and its absurdity. Fulci’s movies and spirit is nothing more than fingering morality at its culo (or ass, if you don’t speak italian “as good as I do”). “Cannibal Holocaust” is the best example about how society and its moral values and its “freedom” (being among the indians or being among the  “civilized” men) are the most ridiculous things ever. I got no words or reasons to describe why I like that kind of thing, and why should I? The only thing I know, is that it is a thing that I love so much. It is a huge part of who I am.

Q : What are the records you spin more often?

A : That’s a hard one. From 2 weeks until now, I’m listening to the Hated Youth’s “Hardcore Rules” 7″ and The Comes’s “No Side” lp a lot. But talking about since the day I have discovered rock ‘n’ roll…fuck! Let’s see: Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” lp, Poison Idea – “Pick Your King” 7″, Fear Of God – first 7″, Impact – “Solo Odio” lp, Amebix –  “Arise” lp, Repulsion – “Horrified” lp, Koro – s/t 7″, AC/DC – “Let There Be Rock” lp, Negazione – “Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere” 7″, Ratos De Porão – “Crucificados Pelo Sistema” lp, Terveet Kädet – “Ääreton Joulu” 7″, Declino – s/t 7″, Olho Seco / Brigada Do Ódio split lp, Brigada Do Ódio – s/t 7″, SOB – “Leave Me Alone” 7″, Destrucktions – “Vox Populi” lp, Protes Bengt – “In Bengt We Trust” 7″, Cripple Bastards – “Misantropo A Senso Unico” lp, Die Kreuzen – “Cows And Beer” 7″, Motörhead – “Ace Of Spades” lp, The Scroungers – “Weak As Piss” 7″, Ramones – “It’s Alive” lp, 3 way “Grito Suburbano” lp, Nihilistics – first lp, GISM – “Detestation” lp, Kaaos – “Totaalinen Kaaos” 7″ and many more! Those records are truly the ones that came into my mind first and there are LOTS of other records who I’d point as my fave ones as well. Tough question.

Q : What is the meaning of it all? I mean, why play raw old school grindcore in 2010?

A : To be honest, Simone…I really don’t think about it and I don’t see any reason for doing it. Just the fact that I love to play this kind of thing I love so much, it’s quite enough for me. Even that I take what I’m doing very seriously, to have fun is the main thing for me.

Q : Thanks for your time! End the intie as you want!

A : Do not trust anyone who don’t like early Black Sabbath [FUCKING quoted! ndPete]. Your blog rules! [Thanks! ndPete]


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