Ejaculate Love Potions with HATE!

[this is a t-shirt design, not their actual logo!]

Milano, Villa Vegan. 1st September 2009. Me and Fibro.
Fibro : “You  should check out [band name with something cute in it]! They rip and the singer is a really gorgeous girl!”
Me : “YEAH!”.
Milano. My place. A couple of weeks ago.
Me : “DAMN! Niels updated his distrolist! Let’s check it out…Love Potion…mmmh…they should be the one Fibro suggested me! Let’s buy it!”

Of course I was wrong. I didn’t remember that the real band was Rainbow Of Death (check ‘em out!) but I’ve realized it only when I saw a dude instead of the female singer… Anyway, I put this slab of vinyl on the turntable with indifference, not expecting anything from it. Damn, how I was wrong.
Love Potion is a five piece from Copenhagen that delivers a ripping kind of fast and energetic hardcore. There are only three tracks on this EP, but they’re so intense and furious that you’ll feel exhausted after hearing them! The style Love Potion deals with is clearly a fast version of early 90’s hardcore, sometimes leaning to the fast core/power violence side. There is also a huge influence by the proto-thrash anthems, so expect a Venomi-ish approach, especially with vocals. The guitars are really thick, giving to the platter an heavy and brutal sound. I didn’t expect two guitars on a record like this, but I have to say that it’s very refreshing and well balanced, with a great riffing and an huge amount of fast and face melting solos.
On Side A there is only one song, Ejaculate With Hate, which is, in my opinion, the best of the three, with its great guitar work and a bone crushing fast as hell drumming. The simple but fast drums combined with the fuzz fueled guitars reminded me also something from early career ANTiSEEN, even if this is maybe a not-so-fitting description.
Hardcore is obviously the main focus for Love Potion and on the flipside the ghost of Discharge starts to haunt this record, with UK-influenced riffs and the dark approach that made the dis-pioneers so great and famous.
Intimacy is something you have to hear. It’s fast, it’s blood drenching, it’s raw, it’s brutal, it’s savage. This record takes the word “core”, slams it on some new-school poseurs and puts it right beside the word hard.
If Sodom decided to talk about angry driven ejaculation instead of Satan and war and had Discharge instead of Motorhead as idols, maybe they sounded like Love Potion on this record.


Released by Hate Ape Prod.


~ by petetheripper on August 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ejaculate Love Potions with HATE!”

  1. ahahahah com è che io non mi ricordo nemmeno una virgola di tuttto ciò? maledetta astronave delta9!

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