“Mom, please I have so violently gorged that I’m having dispepsia!!”

(yeah i know this picture is the cover of IW full length, but fuck off, I love this drawing and I think it represent perfectly grindcore!)

Ah…Good ol’ grindcore. What an abused term. What an abused way to describe something fast. I daily listen to people who call brutal death metal grindcore, deathcore grindcore, screamo grindcore and so on… I’m not too fond of strict description, but I think that knowing the difference between one genre and the other is very useful for describing it to other people. There’s also a more philosophic matter behind my will of precision and that’s just crafted between the words “grind” and “core”. What is grindcore? We can describe it as a mixture born at the end of the 80’s between fast and brutal hardcore and the more raw and uncompromising forms of death metal that stayed deep in the core side instead of the metal one. So it’s fast, it’s brutal and it’s raw. But these three attributes are just the top of the iceberg in describing grindcore, because a life spent in it will show a lot of great lifestyles and way of thinking. DIY, mutual helping, passion, underground attitude, no frills just thrills and so on…Grindcore is something that just spits in the face of record marketing and big labels. It’s something against. In the 90’s we had a lot of great, let me repeat it, GREAT raw old school bands, that kept this ideals strong and clear. Violent Headache, Dahmer, Denak, Senseless Apocalypse, Carcass Grinder and so on. Obviously I don’t think I need to tell names such as Agathocles and Unholy Grave. Today we have an HUGE amount of great underground bands that revive the spirit of those days, with great and raw mince/grindcore songs. Archagathus, Sakatat, Sengaya. Kerena Neko, SMG, Goner, Rust,  Lt Dan…And Violent Gorge. And Dispepsiaa.

You know, I think the review of this record was already written in my mind before listening to it. It’s just what you expect from two bands like these.
Dispepsiaa is a sadly split-up band from Brazil and they play a fast and uncompromising raw grindcore. You know what they will sound like. Take some Denak, inject a lethal dose of growling vocals and…at-dah! Dispepsiaa is here! They’re quite various in their songwriting, so they keep fresh and stimulating to your ears. A lot of groove is flowing here, with a lot of simple but ripping riffs, the kind of stuff that live will unleash an unmerciful moshpit. The second track, No Curso De Humanidade, starts with a very cool arpeggio (yeah, arpeggio…) that you don’t expect, while Qual é La Unica Verdade is an harsh output of hate after a very cool intro. You just have to listen the main riff of Elite Punks, a song which deals with the usual problem of shitty people with the shitty attitude of faking a passion just to gain “scene points”. Escravos Do 1° Mundo is a cool song with a very bone crushing slow part in the middle, that just prepares the ground for the incoming outburst of rage that closes the composition. This side ends with the longest track of the pack, Amordaçado, a straight to the core classical old school grindcore song. Dispepsiaa is (was…) a great band, with great talent and a super nice straightforward attitude. Too sad they broke up.

p.s. Rafa, the cover artwork is a frame from Il Grande Silenzio, right?


Violent Gorge is a monicker you should know by now. They’re the band from Cam and Joe, respectively the live bass and guitar player of Archagathus and they share some similarities with that other Manitoba band. The “caveman” attitude is very strong also in this project, that combines old school grindcore with some raw death metal components. The vocals are a good mix of almost squealing growls, screams and desperate cries, all drenched in a huge amount of reverb and echo. The compositions are pretty simple and basic, so don’t expect a top notch songwriting, just straight to the point and deadpanning friendly riffing, with the right amount of rawness and sleaziness that we like. What makes the band so interesting are the sounds they use. The vocal effects (as said above, echo and reverb) give to the songs a cool and uncommon touch of an early 90’s demo tape, while the guitars are extremely heavy and dark. It’s like if some band like Coffins or Anatomia decided to play grindcore and let it sound like an Autopsy demo. Cool, isn’t it?
On this record Violent Gorge are cool but not as great as usual, I suggest the split tape with Meathole Infection and the 4 way with Expurgo, Desgraceria and Archagathus.


This split EP comes in a super fancy and classy clear green (100 copies) or black (400 copies) vinyl from Bullshit Propaganda.


~ by petetheripper on August 26, 2010.

6 Responses to ““Mom, please I have so violently gorged that I’m having dispepsia!!””

  1. Simone, thank you so much for your awesome words about Dispepsiaa! It’s really awesome to hear something like that, and i’m really glad to see you dug it that much. Yes, the cover artwork was taken from the Sergio Corbucci’s classic “Il Grande Silenzio”. Once again, thank you for the awesome words, Simone! Ciao!

  2. goddamn !! the 7″ looks awesome !! i bet it sounds even better !!
    anyway, this one is already a CLASSIC !! surely when i think about the loooong tragic way it had to go for almost 2 years !!! glad the DISPEPSIAA tracks are finally available on the one and ONLY format they belong on : VINYL !!

    • yeah, at the first listening it gained a solid position in my top 10 of 2010! Can’t wait your new release for them Marc!

  3. […] one to swallow. Luckly they managed to release two new split EP (one with Violent Gorge, reviewed here, and an upcoming one with Sakatat) giving us some new flesh to feast on! I’m really honored […]

  4. this lucky guy has also a GREEN copy of this killer 7″ !!

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