Bringer Of Gore Interview [Originally Made by Popster]

Marc Luyten is the mastermind behind the mighty Bringer Of Gore, easily one of my favorite labels (you will find some of their stuff reviewed on this blog!) and surely a great example of dedicated passion and endless effort in releasing noise for the sake of noise. I’m happy that my friend Popster from Pissdeads interviewed Marc, giving me the opportunity to share his work on my blog. So here we go to the intie (which all credits go to Popster, obviously!)

Q : First of all, present yourself and please a little history: when did you start, why, were you alone or did your friends help you and everything you wanna mention.

Hello !! I’m Marc Luyten, 37 years old and live in Belgium.I think I’ve discovered metal in ’86 and that was the band IRON MAIDEN !! Yep… Sounds funny perhaps but these guys started everything for me. Being 14 years old and no money… and surely nothing alike a pc we know these days I gathered my info at the school from friends. we copied tapes for each other and

so me and the other guys started to know also other bands. Those days weren’t totally different like today… not that many LP’s came out and each release was announced months before… delayed… and I heard other guys talking about how exited they where on for example the new METALLICA lp that was going to be out… Trying to guess how the cover was going to look like and more from that stuff… On the age of 16 or 17 I started to get some weekly money from my parents to go out with but I just saved every cent to spend on mags, not really underground stuff but the Aardschok/Metalhammer, where in the early days of that zine also obscure demo’s

(TAPES) where being reviewed and the interviews with NAPALM DEATH ; CARCASS

;… did also made me curious on these bands, I went to record stores to check out these albums and there I was blown away… EARACHE records did some wonderful stuff around that time !! surely my favourite label those days !! Anyway I started to receive distrolists by post from other obscure mailorder/labels and bought stuff from bands alike BLOOD ; AGATHOCLES ; GODFLESH ; DEFECATION ; TERRORIZER ; D.R.I. ; NECRONY ; REPULSION

; GENERAL SURGERY ; SQUASH BOWELS ; RIGHTEOUS PIGS ; ROT ; BRUTAL TRUTH ; MALIGNANT TUMOUR ; … Yeah… It’s mainly everything that in reviews was compared with mighty NAPALM DEATH ; CARCASS and AGATHOCLES that I simply bought ! I started to go to AGx gigs where I also got those precious 7” vinyls from AG but

also stuff from other grindcore bands ! I remember my first contact with Jan AG very good !! it was at a outdoor gig and the weather was fine and we had a long and very interesting talk (I was very curious about many things in grind scene and about releases) I remember that I bought their full cd’s alike ‘Theatric…’ and ‘Razor Sharp Daggers’ + more at a local record shop in the city Diest! So I got my original CYBER copies when they still where cheap and on the moment they

came out !!

Q : The most important question: what should the band do to be released on B.O.G. recs? And as for finding bands: what is your policy? Demo-tapes? Do you accept mp3’s by the way?

A : I like bands that are sounding RAW and record D.I.Y. ! Because that gives me that old-school feeling again. Certainly you don’t need to show off with : ‘look how technical

and superfast we can play’ bullshit and this with a horrible ultra clean production, no way you will be at BOG !! No, I’m very fond of the South-American GRIND/NOISE because they still have that old-school sound !!! But generally I love D.I.Y. recorded MINCE/NOISECORE/GRINDCORE/GORE without drumcomputer !! B.O.G. is a small 1 person label that depends completely on mailorder sales to release new vinyls or tapes ! so I’m aware that there are looooot’s of awesome bands I would love to get on wax but since I’m not rich I have to be patient and only release that stuff I really like ! No need to send me a demo tape, sometimes I’m checking bands via myspace and then sometimes it happens what happened with PISSDEADS !! Mp3 s are interesting for sending via pc to friends to let them check this stuff out but otherways I don’t care at all !! … nothing can beat TAPES + VINYLS !!

Q : Tell a few words about belgian scene. We all know AGx, but are there any young bands or obscure ones you wanna recomend?

A : Uuuurrggghhh… This is a difficult question… Really!! Don’t follow scenes here in Belgium or in other parts of the world. Don’t care about trends or what ‘style’ is the most popular with the kids right now! Bands you certainly have to know from here are V.R.V. ; PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS or try to focus on projects where Martry and Nikos are busy with !! then also very good shit are a 2 piece band KASATKA !! MUCUS I like too !! Aaaaaaand a band people also never should forget is PERMANENT DEATH !!! Pffffft… and just forget all that other technical/brutal and ‘watch how fast we can play’ kind of CRAP bands, they only waste my and probably your time too !! [FUCK YEAH MARC! ndPete]

Q : Please, a few words about your normal life: activities, occupation, family and so on.

LIFE? I have a wife called Kristel and 2 kids Jarno 8 years and Lara 4 years ! Work my ass off 8 hours a day at DAF trucks on the production line ! I don’t smoke and never ever used drugs !! And it’s about 8 years ago that I was drunk !! Ao this makes me a very boring person I guess.

Q : Name 5 albums that you always listen with pleasure

A : Yeah, this is a way better question then asking what are the 5 best albums ever made ! But 5 still ain’t not enough… So I give you 10 tittles or more J !!

-CARCASS : reek of putrefaction + all they released (yes ALL!)

-MESRINE : going to the morgue

-TERRORIZER : world downfall

-ULCERRHOEA : line and row LP

-WINTER : into darkness

-AGATHOCLES : all !!!!!

-WARSORE : all !!!!! the split 10” with AUTORITAR rules !!

-THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS : all !! especially their split LP with GENERAL SURGERY !!

-NAPALM DEATH : everything including UTOPIA BANISHED! after that one they faded away…

-CATHEDRAL : forest of equilibrium

-ROT : cruel face of life + every goddamn track they ever made !!!

-OBITUARY : slowly we rot + cause of death

-GODFLESH : all !!!

-LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY : the recently released LP with their first demo’s on it !! NO GORE but only awesome NOISECORE !!!!!


+ looooot’s more… and remember, your favourite cd’s sound even better on wax !!!

Q : What was the latest live-show you visited? How was it?

A : That was the during the ARCHAGATHUS European tour few weeks ago, I went to their last Dutch show and their Belgian gig ! So the Belgian show was the very last I’ve went to and it was just AWESOME !!! CATHETER was great but in Belgium the ARCHAGATHUS dudes crushed everyone and everything !

Q : How do you think, why people listen/play noisecore?

Hmmmm… personally I like noisecore with real drums and done on a serious base, not just something for fun with bandname changing every new demo is recorded ! No, just seriously dedicated bands searching for their own way in extremity doing blaaaaaast beats, low detuned bass/guitars + some low grunts and screams! The recordings should be done with a simple tape recorder at the rehearsal room (this if you have actual songs, or do some improvisation jamming) so that everything is blurrrr and puking out of the speakers !! To me the boundaries between old-school grind and noisecore are pretty thin and nowadays noisecore that I like gives me the feeling to be back in the eighties or early nineties again !! There was a time (late nineties?) that lot’s of grindcore bands started to play more technical stuff and stayed way too long in professional recording studios what resulted in a way too technical tracks + a ridiculous clear sound, I hated that !! Bands/projects alike PERMANENT DEATH ; NONSENSE ; V.R.V. ; ARCHAGATHUS ; PISSDEADS ; PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS ; SAKATAT ; SAUERKRAUT ; RUST ; GORGONIZED DORKS ; HARSH SUPPLEMENT ; DISPEPSIAA ; ETTERBEK ; BESTIAL VOMIT ; GALLBLASTER ; VULGAR NAUSEA ; + lot’s more, they really get you in that eighties vibe again by resurrecting that ‘old-school ultra raw grinding noiseblurrrrr D.I.Y. taperecorder’ feeling (South-America has also very great bands that do this raw shit !!) that I ohhh so love !! And why play noisecore? When you already listened to noisecore/grind for some time and you descide to start your own project/band all you need are some motivated friends that join and your on !! No need for skills or big money instruments… Have some beers and fun !! some more technical skills will come by time I guess!? The only quest is to stay minimalistic/raw/noisy and friendly!

Q : Your final commentaries, hellos, curses and so on 🙂

A : First of all thanx for this intie Kostya !!! Hopefully I don’t bore too many people and was I a little clear in my answers! Sorry to go over the line on question 5 !! Shit, I forgot REPULSION ; IMPETIGO ; HEAMORRHAGE ; D.R.I. ; A.C. (their noise and certainly NOT their views !!!) BIZARRE X ; EMBALMER ; PHOBIA ; …still lot’s more !!

Hello’s and all the best to the people that use some of their precious time to read this and also a big hug to all the people I know/met or had contact with in the past/present and hopefully in the future !!! Also lot’s of THANX to all people that bought stuff from my distro on gig’s or via mailorder !! Your endless support gives me the chance to release new vinyls, a dream that has come true !!! Bye and take care !!




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  1. The man, the myth, the gardener!

  2. hehehe… it helps to be relaxed ! and no i don’t smoke it, just mow it ! cheers Rafael !!

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