Lady Gaga will pierce your eardrums for 80 euros, noise will do it for free!

Nobody likes to spend money, am I right? We, the noise carvers, are willing to spend it in order to obtain great noise and support bands that deserve it, but when we can save some coins and receive a considerable amount of noise we are as happy as we can be!
As I’ve already done in the past I want to talk about a bunch of free release that can both please your ears and your empty pockets!


Yeah Popster, you’re lame making a split between your two own projects, but we forgive you only because they both rule!
You should know Pissdeads by now, this Russian project has released a good amount of releases in these years and Popster contributed with some cool reviews and inties for this very blog. On this record Pissdeads delivers its classic amount of pounding, fast and old school noise core, created with a strong feedback fueled instrumental wall of noise and sleazy vocals. The sound of the band is deeply rotten in the early 90’s second wave of noise core, so expect a total Deche-Charge worship, with the main difference in the length of the compositions. Three songs in over four minutes, so the average is over the circle of the clock, quite a record for this kind of music! The feeling that each song delivers is that it should stop in a second, but it just keeps going, with a strange obnoxious feeling. I’m used to hear this kind of style delivered in small shard of full of hatred noise, this long unforgiving massacre is really cool! The last song is, in fact, very short, dragging down the average length, and in its 18 seconds it shows a different style from Pissdeads, changing also production-wise, so I think it comes from a different recording session.

Worm.p.ig are the other Popster’s project, focusing more on harsh noise with a twist. The first track, Hater’s Death, is a monotonic collections of noise discharges, with an aseptic and droning vibe to it. Quite a good intro for the second track, Behind The Wall, in my opinion the best of Wormpig side of this split! In this compositions bass frequencies are paired with weird metallic noises, topped with a cool black metal reminding voice, which sometimes switches to some vocal lines just between hardcore and industrial. It’s like a fascinating self torture jam session between Abruptum and Einsturzende Neubauten, with Alec Empire invited as a guest! Very, very cool. The third song is Fear And Weakness, a less extreme and more droning industrial influenced track, with a very mesmerizing vocal style that reminds me some Cold War aseptic military speech. Wormpig side closes with an unexpected and indeed cool cover of Revelation by The Haunted. Well, I don’t give a fuck about The Haunted and I don’t know this song, this cover version sounds cool, but it’s way far the original composition, as you can expect!



Oh my god, this is pretty ankward! Trfiis is a Swiss two (?) piece band playing a very  strange kind of noisecore. Their style is clearly coming from the masters of improvised noisecore of the past, so expect song “structures” like the ones that Anal Cunt, Deche-Charge and Permanent Death made us love, but the main differences is the choice of sounds. Or, better saying, the NOT choice of sounds! There is a lot of noise going on here, with weird sounding drums, that sound just like some pans! There’s a strange noise going on throughout the session, that sounds like something between water drops and a xylophone. Near the half of Trfiis side, you’ll get acclimatized with their strange attitude and it’s all downhill from there, with a great and enjoyable delivering of noise. They made me quite curious, I will really look forward this band!

Pissdeads delivers a cool five minutes session of uncompromising Russian noisecore. Their style is intact, so you can expect the usual extended version of Deche-Charge, with the monotonic vocal style that made us love Anal Massaker, just harsher and sleazier. Each burst of noise here is very passionate and straight to the point, with a lot of hatred and pissed off attitude. There’s a very good guitar work going on here, with the six string going from mindless and sense disorienting instrument mashing to strange riff-aiming tremolos, reminding me something from the mighty Final Exit! I don’t know what to say more about this awesome band, if you already know them you are probably already listening to this mp3s, otherwise, make yourself a favour and download this stuff RIGHT NOW!



Holy shit, Nonsense. Last year they delighted my ears with the GREAT Crna Statistika 1994+2008 EP, and now they are back with this free downloadable EP (later available as a physical release under Beyond The Sun Records) featuring six new songs, an old one (Sada, already appeared on Red I Rad, the Nonsense side of their split with Praia De Vomito) and seven (!!!) covers by the likes of Apatridi, Fight Back, Anti Talents, Proces and UBR. Another cover, Of Death And Discord, originally by Gruuthaagy (the other band by Kktz), starts the record. Starting a release with a cover may sound as a bad choice, but screw that, one of my favorite records, the Malignant Tumour/Squash Bowels split, starts with a cover version of Dead Infection, so fuck off, for me it’s a GREAT idea! Nonsense play a rabid and ripping kind of hardcore, strongly influenced by the old school Ex-Yugoslavia HC bands (the ones on the mighty Tutti Pazzi compilation series, e.g.), with a twist that reminds the old, Descanse Em Paz era, Ratos De Porao. The production is always very good with sharp guitars and assaulting drums, The feeling is very great throughout this effort, with more harsh songs (Sada and Distorto Balkan) and more punkish ones (Sam Potriv Sebe). Great, great stuff, but with a record that starts covering Gruuthaagy and finishes covering UBR (easily my fave Balkan HC band!) you can’t go wrong! HIGHLY recommended!



Well, Dust Cult is a boredom-induced, harsh noise project by my long time friend Fibro. It features three audio raping of three famous rock songs, the first one should be White Rabbit from The Jefferson Airplane, the second one is Lucy In The Sky With Diamond and the last is Black Sabbath by…duh…Black Sabbath. I’m not into harsh noise, so I think I’m not the best one to talk about his effort. I also think that this stuff will value more if listened while drunk or stoned, so for now I recommend you to download his demo and send him your feedbacks, I’ll give a second thought on this the first time I’ll have some booze in my stomach!





All this stuff written while listening to poserish pop punk bands like The Starting Line and Tonight Live (go check ’em out!) but posted while playing out loud the manliness fueled Blessed Black Wings by High On Fire.


~ by petetheripper on August 10, 2010.

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  1. strappato?! ca troia… fortuna che è arrivato tutto intero.

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