Jacques Mesrine was caught while bottling up some Sperm, Blood and Shit, d’ya know?

Mesrine kick ass. You should know that by now. The Canadian powerhouse has been kicking asses for ages, with their blasting and furious old school grindcore. This EP was written and recorded in two hours in their rehearsal room, whit vocals recorded some days later. For being six songs written in less than an hour these six songs are pretty good, with basic structures full of energy and pounding riffs. You don’t have to expect something too much elaborated or complex, these are just straight to the point and no frills compositions, with simple riffing and pretty linear drumming. As usual vocals switch from deep growls and acid grunts, with pretty predictable singing lines. What we can’t forget is that these songs were composed in a very short amount of time, so we have to take them as we are : simple fun grindcore songs composed in minutes by a great, talented band. I think Mesrine have a lot of potential and they can express it when they start to compose full focused on the songs. The last efforts, like the split with P.L.F. or the highly acclaimed Unidentified full length showed a band in great, great shape, with an enormous ability to create high quality grind compositions. I think that songs like Sociopathic Worm are just there to prove what I’m saying. So, listen to this EP, do some heavy head banging on these six shots of maple fueled grindcore and don’t make a lot of thoughts about their depth. After these 5 minutes of hate, go to the nearest underground distro and buy your copy of Unidentified or Back To The Morgue, or even better wait for their latest output, Obsessive Compulsive, and appreciate what they can do.

Spermbloodshit is a two piece hailing from Italy, born from the meeting between Torturer (guitar, bass and vocals, ex-Bestial Devastation) and Cris (drums, also in Bloodraised). They have appeared in some comps like the second volume of Splatter Fetish and they have already released a full length, Polar Torsion Syndrome, a couple of years ago, so they are not freshmen in the scene. On their side of this EP, entitled Spontaneous Combustion, they unleash three songs of pissed off hate gore. I admit that I listened their album in a very approximate way, judging them maybe a little bit too fast. Even if I have to say that their style is not one of my favorite, Spermbloodshit are absolutely good, succeeding in the not easy task to melt gore and core structures together. The first notes of the opening song, Chickenlover, will let you expect the usual, over-abused, cavemen dancing porno grind song, but as soon as the voice kicks in they start to switch to an early Impetigo sleazy gore feeling. When the song starts to full throttle, they throw in a lot of pissed off grindcore vibe, not too far from Gride or Dismembered Fetus. In the second song, the core side of Spermbloodshit is more prominent, with a fast and blistering assault that just wipe out everything on its way. The gore influence is limited to the gurgling vocals, while the hardcorish ones are taking the lead. The title song closes this side of the EP with a more equilibrated feeling, with the vocal duties shared equally between gurgles and vitriol screams. The last assault is a pus soaked pounding mayhem, fitting their monicker perfectly. What a big surprise here! It’s always great to find little gems where you least expect them, that’s what I thought when I realized I have dismissed this band too early. They surely deserve to share a split 7” with Mesrine and they are, without any doubt, a band to look after in the future!


This record is released by No Fucking Labels (contact in the pic above!), with a fancy red obi, a super fashion big center hole and posh insert on yello paper. Limited to 210 hand numbered copies.


~ by petetheripper on August 7, 2010.

One Response to “Jacques Mesrine was caught while bottling up some Sperm, Blood and Shit, d’ya know?”

  1. cassarola, non sapevo di questo split. vedrò di procurarmelo.

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