Damn, my Repulsion(e) for Violent stuff made me get an Headache!

Oh man, I fucking love Church Of Misery! They’re taking a predictable Black Sabbath approach to stoner music and twist it to create a personal, efficient and destructive recognizable style. Why I’m talking about Church Of Misery? Because Violent Headache are just the same. These 4 guys love to take a classic approach to crusty and noisy grindcore, clearly coming from Agathocles & friends, and decompose it in a fierce and personal style. I’m a big fan of them, they’re even quoted in the blog’s name, and I appreciated nearly everything from their extensive discography. I loved when they featured a girl in the line up, when they were more oriented to noise core, I even appreciated their more crust approach (remember it : I usually can’t stand crust). Long story short, Violent Headache are easily one of my favorite grindcore bands. In this record they deliver ten songs (in the track list two of them, Bush : The Bastard (Pt.2) and Childcide, are melted together) of fierce and harsh crusty grindcore. I really enjoyed their split with Necromorph, so pounding and thick sounding, so I expected more like that for this EP, instead they’ve taken the old fashioned crusty way, with a lot of song structures coming straight from the mid 90’s Agathocles. If you have in mind the more crust-oriented songs in Razor Sharp Daggers, just make them a little bit more rough, add sleazy screaming and a more straight-to-the-point approach and you can have in mind this self titled split from Violent Headache. Each song is well composed, with a fast and unrelenting energy in each note. The Spanish legends are not restraining themselves and deliver a huge amount of variations, like the super enjoyable screaming chorus in Bush : The Bastard (Pt.2) and the great mid paced aggressive break in Maldita Sea Es Tu Stampa. Not their best stuff, in my opinion, but surely super enjoyable and a good way to display the energy of a band that have destroyed music for two decades!

Repulsione are a double bass four piece from Bologna, Italy. They play a very unique kind of power violence, with no guitars and two bass guitars! They’re usually faster then on this record, but these two mid paced tracks they deliver, plus a Siege cover -Confom-, are totally in their style! The absence of the guitar is not disappointing, with the two basses handling the “melody” with a lot of distortion and aggression. The first track, Fast Communism, starts with a slow paced intro (that reminds me a lot of the Cripple Bastards’ version of 21st Century Schizoid Man!) then it explodes in a faster vibe, with the grunts of Gabri shouting rants about the modernization of Communism politics. The second track is more HC, with a lot of groove and the double bass roar increasing in power and harshness. Defintely this is the best song of Repulsione’s side and displays a lot of composition variety and a fierce and aggressive approach to their music. What can I say? Repulsione are probably one of the best power violence bands we have nowadays, they put out a lot of great records (the split with Agathocles and The Beginning Of Violence full length are great ways to start getting into them) and this split EP with Violent Headache just continue their streak of over the bar records!


[I think that uploading this in while I’m in underpants singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison makes me a TRVE defender, am I right?]


~ by petetheripper on July 30, 2010.

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