The Dead Shall Teach How To Do An Autopsy For Pleasure…

(sorry if I don’t upload a phot from my physical record, but the pressing is too dark and my shitty camera can’t make a proper picture!)

Lymphatic Phlegm. Two little words that can easily describe one of my first loves in the grind macro area. I first came in touch with the Brazilian duo in 2003, when I bought the Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia digipack. I was used to listen to gore bands with muddy and crunchy sound but man, I didn’t saw that coming! The aseptic atmosphere, the distant guitar work, the vocals so impersonal and so brutal at the same time. Everything was simply perfect, an amazing equation of what some songs about medical experiences must sound. Distant. Aseptic. Impersonal. In the years I started a little collecting fetish for Lymphatic Phlegm (of course money is not something that follows your dreams, so I have a shitload of missing parts in my collection!) and their stuff became a mandatory must have. Then came Show-Off Cadavers, enhancing the band to a new level of quality. The next two records they released were interlocutory releases, one (the split with Italian Brainwash) being a collection of cover versions, the other (the split with I Shit On Your Face) a bunch of very short outtakes and small songs. But now…ohohoh…now we are here for something completely different! The Dead Shall Teach The Living is a pus gurgling feast of three brand new songs plus two cover versions of Entangled In Septic Gore by Last Days Of Humanity and the mega-classic Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue from General Surgery. Wow. Andre’ and Rodrigo made things a little bit harder this time, with thicker and heavier sound, with a less aseptic feeling to their composition. At first it was quite annoying to me because, as I’ve explained above, the extremely impersonal sound was one of my favorite aspects of Lymphatic Phlegm. But, damn. Just listen to Disseminated Lupus Erythematosus (Collagenosis) and try to not be blasted away by the crunching guitars! Muddy, thick, heavy, septic, gurgling. They stick more to early Carcass then Exulceration, now and the guitars have lost the prominent mosquito effect that made someone put Lymphatic Phlegm next to some classic black metal act. As always they sound very original, even in this more common environment, and if I have to pick some comparison I can say some goregrind underground bands like Private Semefo Sex or Scatologic Madness Possession. Anyway, this stuff rules. If you’re a long time fan don’t stick to the first listening and don’t be “afraid” of the little change of style, Lymphatic Phlegm were great and this condition hasn’t changed a bit!

2 Minuta Dreka is another one of my personal fetishes. I started following them some years ago and since then I’ve bought every vinyl they made. I was a fan of their early (noise core) and middle style, when they started doing a Gut & Meat Shits heavy influenced porn grind. I’ve quite started losing interested in some of their releases when they started doing pure groovy porn grind. I don’t like that genre and it grows boring to me quite a lot. Anyway, with this record they shifted a little bit to their earlier 7” (like the splits with Warsore or Anal Massaker), doing a more heavy and high-octane kind of pornogrind. Or at least for one song. Autopsy for Pleasure is great, with a heavy and thick riffing, it’s quite fast, it’s hard, it’s pounding&slashing&dicing. Anything is in the right place, even if the instruments sometimes get a little bit too messy and chaotic, losing grip to the main structure. The second track borrows back the groove, with a mid tempo part at the beginning that sounds quite ordinary. In the second half of the song things speed up a bit, hardening the sound and making the stuff, imho, more enjoyable. 2 Minuta Dreka is a great band made by great people, but since I’m not too fond of groovy stuff I didn’t enjoyed as much as I would some of their most recent releases. With this record they started to pull’em out from the groovy scene and I like that effort. They went also through some line up changes (they changed the drummer and the bass player!) so I think they need some time to start grinding at the top again!
Anyway, support these guys, if you are into pornogrind or goregrind and you want to give your money to someone who deserves it, go them to 2 Minuta Dreka!

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~ by petetheripper on July 16, 2010.

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