Let me introduce my friends! Sadly they are all Disleksick and like to eat Rotting Beaver Rectum…

How can you describe Disleksick? Bore-Core? Noisecore? Grindcore? Harsh Noise? Hardcore? What.the.fuck-core? Well, maybe the last one is the most fitting, because the London (Ontario, not England!) based band is anything but ordinary or predictable, shifting genre to genre with great ability and taste. I used to think to Disleksick as a mono-tonic version of a uncommon kind of grindcore, with the usual mesmerizing vocal tone over a crazy pattern of mangled instruments. Well, Dave (all hail Dave!) was so kind to send me some stuff along with my copy of Disleksick/Torturing Nurse EP and those releases made me twist my mind, with an unpredictable mash of genres and styles. I chose three tapes, two from the “mother” band and one from Rotting Beaver Rectum, the side project of Disleksick guitar player, Andrew, to explain how much the water must be fucked up in Canada to make people grow so fucked up!


CSMD made me love every release with Godzilla on it, so thanks to Niels and his companions Disleksick started with a bonus point for this tape! First off the package, a couple of yellow papers, one with the cover, the other with the tracklist holding between them a black tape with a multicolor sticker on it, everything put in a slightly longer plastic bag. The A-Side features Mecha Noise Godzilla, a long harsh track, full of distortions and feedback. The sound is strongly shifted to the high frequencies range, with sleazy screams and high-toned guitar licks. Everything on this tape seems improvised, so expect the usual dose of noise drenched bursts and explosions. Quite strangely the production is quite clean, giving to this recording a strange rubber and sandpaper feeling. I don’t know if describing something in the audible range as “rubber and sandpaper” is right, but imagine to hold a rubber tube in one hand and a piece of sandpaper in the other and rub them separately, you’ll get the point. The wall of noise the create in this, production wise, clean environment makes them sound like a more polished version of the more noisy stuff from Permenant Death, so if you like harsh noise and/or PxDx, I can assure you won’t get disappointed.
The B-Side features another long track, this time named No Brahs No Masters (Anti Bro Noisecore Anthem). The genre shifts to a more ordinary noisecore, full of blasts, bursting guitars acceleration and pounding drums. The feeling is great and the first influence I can say is Deche-Charge, both the more messy stuff and the more dramatically nervous and accelerating noisecore tracks. The first thing I can say about this B-Side is that the guitar work kicks ass, since is full of great “riffing” and awesome noise explosions. There are also some classic noise interludes, when the tempo slows down before the next acceleration of pure nonsense explosion of noise. At the end they just start to slow down and the image Disleksick put in my mind is : fatigue. They drenched the last notes of this tape with an incredibly fitting feeling of fatigue, that leads you to the final silence.


A full orange layout welcomes you as you take in your hand this self titled demo tape by Rotting Beaver Rectum, the side project by Andrew, the guitar player from Disleksick. The recipe from the axe wielder of the Canadian band is a terrific analogue harsh noise, soaked with feedbacks and guitar smashing noises. The distortion is on a dangerously high level, sucking room to the vocals, which is sounds coming from a lot far away. Sometimes the noise start to attack in a slower pace, letting you breath for some brief moments, then explodes again in all his Beethoven worshipper ball busting madness. The B-side is a little bit, well, I have to say “gloomer” but I think is the best way to describe a slightly darker approach to the compositions. At the same time it also sounds way more extreme and harsher.
Rotting Beaver Rectum is a young project that starts to kick in at the right pace in the harsh noise scene and, even is as I’ve said in a previous post I’m not much into harsh noise, I assure you’re gonna like it!


Oh my god. 9 copies. It’s a fucking hard to find release but, if you came across it, TAKE IT! On this tape Disleksick provide a terrific good dose of old school noisecore, with a late 80’s, early 90’s approach that will blow your mind. The package is a 7” sized cardboard with black and red painting on it (on my copy I can still smell the paint! Eehehhehe), with a lucid black tape in it. On the A-side, as said above, Disleksick give a good amount of 20-years-ago noise core, with solid drumming, scorching hot guitar “riffing” and dramatic vocals. The production, as in the first tape I’ve reviewed, is very good, making it sound like a polished version of Thrashbora’s 7 Minutes Of Nausea, late demos’ Deche Charge or early Cripple Bastards. In one word : amazing. The only bad thing about this tape is the limited copies it’s pressed. This side is fucking cool and it’s a shame that only 9 people in the world will be pleased by the noise of these Canadian freaks. Call up the band and beg for a re-release on Cd-r, tape, 12”, DAT, floppy, whatever!
On the B-Side Disleksick shift to harsh noise, not too far from what listened from Rotting Beaver Rectum. Harsh, analogue noise, with the rubberish sound already put out on the Mecha Noise Godzilla stuff. There is a 1,2,3,4 part which sounds quite -core and strange in this context, but it’s cool! The part I’ve enjoyed the most is in the second of the composition where some ambient-like parts come in, with strange noises onto them, making ‘em sounding like a thunderstorm or similar!
Very cool tape, grab it if you can!

What can I say more? If I have to pick a name of a band that shifts between genres and styles like Disleksick are doing now I have to pick Gorgonized Dorks and, man, that’s a pretty heavy comparison! Disleksick have all the chances to be great as the Dorks and the three releases I’m holding in my hands right now are here to prove it!
Support these guys!


~ by petetheripper on July 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Let me introduce my friends! Sadly they are all Disleksick and like to eat Rotting Beaver Rectum…”

  1. gran bel post per rumore fatto bene!

  2. zanzare bastarde! dai un occhio al nuovo post… potrebbe interessarti la nuova uscita… stai bene!

  3. guarda, a sto punto dai un’occhiata qui che magari trovi anche qualcosa d’altro…


    altrimenti sono 3 euri (e non 2.50 come nella lista. il cambio valuta è oscillato parecchio) più 2.60 euri per le spedizioni (è per questo che magari ti “conviene” vedere anche altro).

    ciao e grazie per l’interessamento!

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