The noisiest auntie of your family!

Oh. Aunt Mary. I fucking love this band. Their two Eps are truly a must listen for me, especially their awesome and legendary Not Just An Ordinary Ping Pong Ball EP. Aunt Mary are the epitome of my so loved kind of wall of nonsense and genius-drenching noise core, with ahead of their time songwriting (even if I think their stuff was improvised) and scorching violence. Sadly, they broke up after two Eps, ending in a silence that lasted for 18 (fucking EIGHTEEN) long years. Yes, one of their members formed Bizarre Uproar that are quite amazing, but hey, I just wanted some more Aunt Mary and now, thanks to At War With False Noise, they’re back!

Almost Dead is their third EP in 20 years of activity, not a big amount of releases, but the specific weight of this stuff is terrific. Sadly, on this record there are no infos, so I can’t say how, when and where this stuff was recorded, but I don’t think it matters too much.
What is Aunt Mary? Do you remember T.R.B.U.H.? They were a side project from KKTZ of Gruuthaghy and they are usually labeled as tribal noisecore. I think this description can be added to the basic structure of Autn Mary’s song structure, just overwhelmed by sick guitar distortion.  The drumming is quite simple and linear, with few explosions and it can be compared to the neverending seminal bursts of 7 Minutes Of Nausea or the more “polished” Deche-Charge releases. Vocal wise screams and grunts are quite rare (at least in the first side, on the B-side they are more prominent), but the saturated voice adds a dramatic value to the release. The nice thing about this record is that can be confused with a release coming straight outta the early 90s. Proto-noise. Can I use this word? Aunt Mary were of course one of the pioneers of the genere, releasing stuff not so long after the noise godfathers, but shares the same vibe of sound improvisation and experimentalism that can be heard on early Cripple Bastards demo or in the early Sore Throat stuff. This feeling is amazing, and the peculiar drumming, alongside with the hardcore-reminding guitar work (just check the uber dramatic guitar “solo” during the third minute on the B-side) and the ear melting decaying screams give to this record an amazing 20-years-ago-homemade-noise-studio-stuff-so-expensive-to-buy-on-eBay feeling. Early Anal Cunt blur wall, Sore Throat HC background, 7 Minutes Of Nausea syncopated drumming, harsh and cold industrial feeling, distortion, feedback, saturation, unmerciful ear beating, over the top genius to mix dramatc parts and almost psychedelic guitar solos, wall of noise. Everything is mixed up in Aunt Mary’s kitchen blender. I loved this band. I love this band. Do you like noise? If yeas, maybe you already have bought this record, otherwise, be sure to try this slab of vinly, it will make you change your taste.

p.s. for all my followers, under suggestion of my beloved Extreme Noise Forum mates (register and post DAMN!) a little gem for you all ❤


~ by petetheripper on July 9, 2010.

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