Dutch Sci Fi Noisecore Funk!

Well…it’s been a while, isn’t it? I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, to plan, hard working days, scorching hot weather and so on, but here I am again!
I’ve received a lot of cool stuff in the past two days, so I have a lot of great records to review, but I want to kick in back with a band that has gained a place in my heart.

I’ve talked A LOT about CSMD, and I know I can look like a whimpy fan boy, but men, this band rocks. They’re becoming one of my favorite noise bands EVER and thanks to nothing but their pure genius. They incorporated in their sound a lot of cool influences, giving to the genre the open mind it must have and deserves. In the last releases (the splits with Rupture and AxSxHx) the Dutch Crowd Surfers displayed the will to explore new territories, expanding their working space more than ever. Their first full EP, this Japanese Sci-Fi Monster Funk is the tangible expression of this will, with the more orthodox (even if in this context this word can sound plain wrong…) noise core reduced to a relatively small amount, in favor of more experimental choices. I can start talking about the cover versions they decided to include in the record, like the main themes from Battlestar Galactica or Ghostbusters, or the theremin and guitar noise orgy CSMD decided to put in, but I will just narrow the magnificence of this EP. The noise core parts, loaded with feedback and distortion are fun as always, but the show is stolen by the experimental moments, like in the second track Space Battle Attack / Metaluna Mutant / Call Of Gaia or in almost all the B side. This is enjoyable as hell, with a lot of crazy hooks and almost psychedelic stuff. The first side ends with a lounge version of the Imperial March from Star Wars and paves the way for the second, more experimental side, packed with a freaky blend of power electronics, noise core, harsh noise, electronic, theremin madness, dramatic basslines and furious grunts. Simply amazing. The record ends with an awesome cover version of Dr. Who main theme, and what a wonderful way to end this madness!
I don’t know what to say, except WOW. This record goes right up in the first position of my favourite releases for 2010, no doubt at all.

I may sound a little bit too enthusiastic but I think that CSMD, along with Gorgonized Dorks and few others, can be considered the new noise core icons for the 21st century, so long live CSMD, Champions of the Cosmos!

This record is released by Rage For All Records in 300 copies.

You can buy this record from Rage For All Records (griefofseparation[at]hotmail[dot]com) or from Niels directly (nkcsmd[at]hotmail[dot]com).




p.s. Expect some new reviews in the next days, plus I want to make some interviews, suggestions are more than welcome!


~ by petetheripper on July 6, 2010.

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