Short Reviews for Short Records for Short Music for Short… got the point, right? -5″ Vinyl Special!-


Do you remember the title of one of the most influential Yacopsae‘s releases? Yeah, it was “Fuck Punk Rock…This Is Turbo Speed Violence”…Well, for thsi record you can change the order of the words and describe in a perfect way what they’re doing here, cause “Fuck Turbo Speed Violence…This Is Punk Rock”! Yacopsae will make clear some year later that they like play covers as similar as possible to the original versions (just grab a copy of Pop-Punk Alienation and check it by yourself!), so on this 5″ vinyl you will find two humble cover songs originally played by Gang Green (Let’s Drink Some Beer) and Verbal Abuse (I Hate You). No big surprises, no super turbo high speed octane full throttle blablabla assault, no screaming or growling madness, just plain simple top notch faithful covers. Not bad, but I like to hear cover versions played in a more personal way. I have to say that I’ve always loved the artwork of thsi record, you know, it’s just one of those that can bring a smile to my face…

On the flipside there is Massgrav. I’ve talked about this sickos in the previous post, so I won’t explain again how they sound, just think of an alcohol drenched party version of an hybrid between Patareni and Fuck On The Beach. The first song is a cover version of an Eddie Mendoza’s tune. Just imagine how can sound a rockabilly song pumped to his limits in speed and rawness and you’ll figure out how Massgrav play it. The second one is Mordare, originally Asesinos by Los Crudos. This version is pretty similar to the original one, just with a more chaotic instrumental sections and a more extreme voice. No big surprises here.
This record is not bad and it’s surely funny, but both bands don’t put much personality in these cover versions, making them sound just, well, ok, while I expect from this kind of acts something better then this…



Out on Regurgitated Semen Records.




Do I need to explain who Unholy Grave is? This Japanese freaks are around since ages and they don’t have one weak release… This 5″ features one song that’s not in their usual style, so don’t expect the classic furious grindcore assault with the combination of growling, screamign and harmonized vocals. Instead, Unholy Grave plays a lurking, mid paced thrashy song, expect just a rawer and more distorted version of a mid tempo song by Agent Orange era Sodom. It’s quite funny and interesting, with Unholy Grave showing a hidden side of their songwriting. On a 5″ you don’t have so much time, so I won’t complain about that, but I really like to hear more like this by Unholy Grave in the future!

I’m not a big follower of Voetsek, even if female fronted full throttle thrash is one of my favourite recipes. The first track, Pro-Stoner, is quite strange. It’s not fast, it’s not in-your-face, it’s just plain…mmm…dull? There are some weird NWOBHM arpeggios, but the song structure is quite pointless, with no solid riffs and with a terribly weak drumming, while vocals are not assaulting enough to keep all the things packed. It seems like everyone in the band is playin’ his own stuff without checking the others… The second tune is more fast and classically thrashing, but the instruments production keep them in a lower place, with vocals overpowering them, reducing guitar, drums and bass to a muddy mash up.



Out on Haunted Hotel Records.




Why? Agoraphobic Nosebleed were just great. Their cyber fueled noise/grindcore was simply great. I don’t know if it’s just a way to experiment or a way to conform to a more classic Relapse sound, but their new stuff is simply pointless. I just can’t put the words grind or noise in their description now, because they dropped these influences down without a second thought. On their new stuff, starting from this EP, they started to experiment a strange mix od cyber music, industrial, spoken word and a more wide conception of extreme. The result is quite pointless, without any of those components focused enough. They’re not too experimental to be described, they’re just too confused to be described. I don’t like this stuff as I didn’t like 90% of their latter album, Agorapocalypse. If you buy this record for the ANB side, you’re a completist or be prepared to hear something very different fromt their (and yours) expectations.

Insect Warfare were great. And they were great from the beginning to the end! They managed to stuff 7 songs in two minutes and a half, so you’ll know their side will rip your ears! Pure old school grindcore played with a modern vibe, fueled with post-atomic enthomological social values. Great. They were fast, they were shredding, they were uncompromising, they were simply one of the best grindcore bands around. Their side simply obliterates ANB’s one, with a huge amount of distorted blistering riffs and screaming verbal madness. The groovy drumming and riffing of Deception Fortess will destroy your brain, while the last shot of noise of Coded Steel will be the mercy killing you deserve. Buy this record, flip directly to the B Side and enjoy grindcore as it should be, fast, distorted and unmercyful.



Out on Relapse Records.

I’ve already reviewd this record in Italian HERE for On The Road webzine.




On a footnote, I’ve just read this :

ABSCESS has officially broken up

Greetings, sickos. We need to inform you that Abscess has officially broken up. The reason for this is that Clint Bower has left the band for personal reasons and out of respect to him and to all who have supported us for these 16 years, we have decided to call it a day. Without Clint Bower, there can be no Abscess so we won’t even try to cheat anyone with something that is not the real thing. “Dawn of Inhumanity” has become our final statement and we feel that it is the perfect way to close the Abscess chapter since we must do so. Thanks to all of you who were and still are proud to call yourselves Abscess Freaks!

Damn, Autopsy will be alive again and that’s great, but I loved Abscess….Abscess is dead, long live Abscess!


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