Beware If Blood I Bleed Is Back Indeed Baby!

Blood I Bleed is the full throttle son that spawned from the demise of Dutch grindcore freaks My Mind’s Mine in 2003. In fact MMM and BIB share 3 members on 4, since the drummer is the only difference in their line ups. My Mind’s Mine is gone, but there’s no time to feel sorry for that, since Blood I Bleed is here to prove they don’t have nothing less then their former band. I have to admit I haven’t listened to their first album, High Octane Thrash, and all their previous EPs, BUT I’m trying to settle for that.

Their last full lenght is called Gods Out Of Monsters and as soon as you put it in your stereo you’ll feel it will be a fucking thrash fest. 23 songs for 17 minutes in total, with an average lenght of 44 seconds per song. Not bad, isn’t it? On this record their style is quite simple and straightforward, so expect a full thottle assault of a mix of unrelenting grindcore and fierce fastcore. Vocals are in screaming, which gives a more sped up feeling to them all, while the production is heavily focused on drumming. This album can be divided in two big parts. The first can comprehend the first ten songs. They are all brutally fast, with drums mainly focused on blast beats and a simple and straightforward guitar work, while bass is rarely heard. These songs include a bunch of very cool instrumental breaks where the bass becomes prominent and the band seems a little bit more original. If I have to pick my favorite songs in this part I have to choose Insensible We Are and Not My Cup Of Tea (just check the killer snare drum blasts!).
The second part features various styles in songwriting, with most mid paced songs and moshable parts. The more classical thrash parts become prominent, but don’t worry, speed is here to stay and it rips as hard as before. Bass is more in a front place, while drumming gains variety, refreshing all the songs. I simply love when bass guitar is nicely used in fast songs and compositions like The Fists Are Formed just make me scream! The album ends with a long song, Theorising Utopia, which begins with a long, slow paced intro and then bursts in the last, great blast of speed and raw harshness.
If you love fast old school grindcore (like Grindcore’s Denak, e.g.) mixed with raw as fuck modern fastcore (in this case, let me say Magrudergrind and Sylvester Staline) you will absolutely LOVE this album.

This is the last Blood I Bleed effort and features eleven songs (btw, there’s a typo in the tracklist with two #1 tracks) recorded in 2009. These songs features a different vibe than  the above-described full lenght. I have to say that I had to listen to this songs a couple of times before getting into them, maybe because I was expecting a different style or a somewhat more fastcore feeling from them. Anyway, these compositions are more on the grindcore side then the ones on Gods Out Of Monsters, reminding me the efforts from the former bands of these Dutch sickos. In fact there are three cover versions of My Mind’s Mine songs, just making it clear how they’re sounding. The average speed of the songs is lower than before and they’re way more structured. The mixing is also very different, with a strong attention on low frequencies, while vocals are less prominent than before. Vocal wise, scream is no longer the only solution used by Rosco, since now he starts to growl here and there. There are a lot of songs that goes for the pattern “burst–>bass only part—>blast beat fucking mayhem” which is quite nice and gives a nice and cool old school feeling. Slowmotion Apocalypse and Pandemonium/Enigma are easily the best songs on this slab of plastic, but all the composition are very solid and intense. If on the album they were like a mix of late Denak and Sylvester Staline/Magrudergrind, the changes on this split make them seem like a strange incest between Agarchy era Agathocles and splits era Flachenbrand. Different than before but surely good!

The other band on this disc is Massgrav. Oh, Massgrav. I have only two records by them, the split 5″ with Yacopsae and the split 7″ with Widespread Bloodshed (with the infamous “Pick Your Queen” cover art, featuring 80’s icons Samantha Fox and Sabrina Salerno)

and DAMN, they’re fun as hell. This is their last recording with their former drummer Indy, who will be later replaced due to a serious problem with his arms. Sad but true. Anyway, Massgrav on this record are, as always, super fun and intense, with their punk injected grinding fastcore. They just seem a strange hybrid between Yacopsae and some Swedish garage
punk rock band. As always their lyrics are all in Swedish, so I can’t understand what they’re talking about, but hell, they’re so funny and headbanging-friendly I don’t have to bother too much about that. Thei guitar work si amazing, with a lot of catchy synchopated riffs, held together by a fast and intense drumming. Vocals are all in screaming, with a lot of “singalong” (if I can use this term…) parts mixed with killer moshing blasts (like in Samlaren). In some songs, like Vagen Till Helvetet, they remind me a lot middle 90’s HC oriented Cripple Bastards. Take Hadjo from Patareni, let him jam some of his old tunes with Yacopsae and make them drink enough booze to let ’em start talk in Swedish and here you are : Massgrav. Damn, you gotta love this band.

And, by the way, the artwork of this split CD is simply AWESOME.

[Thanks To Rosco and BIB for the CDs!]


~ by petetheripper on May 27, 2010.

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