Listening to a new Agathocles release is just like recharging my cell-phone. It’s automatic, a natural thing to do every now and then. This time we have a studio recording from their South American tour in 2007 (btw, they recorded a shitload of stuff on that tour, how long they stayed there???). The fun fact is that this stuff was made for a TV show, yeah you’ve read it right, a TV SHOW. In italy the most extreme stuff we have on TV is some shitty live show by Muse or U2, while in South American they can have Agathocles on Tv, DAMN!
Letting jokes apart, this stuff was recoded by the Jan-Nils-Tony line up, surely one of the best since Jan decided to swith to guitar instead of bass. I’m not really happy with his choice, but after some weak releases they started to work very well with this new approach.

This 12″ is released by Bringer Of Gore Records (everybody hail Marc!) and follows the Obey Their Rules released by Erwin’s State Fucker Records in 2009. The main differences are two, the song selection and the atmosphere. On Abrir Las Puertas the tracklist is made by some of more famous songs from Agathocles’ recent past and some classic tunes, while on Obey Their Rules they were more obscure and somway more rare. The atmosphere and the feeling of these 12″ are also very different, with the former being more clean and direct, in the vein of Razor Sharp Daggers and the latter being more dark and raw, like the early Agathocles EP and the Theatric Symbolization of Life full-length.
Abrir Las Puertas features a lot of the more recent songs by Agathocles, mixed with some classics on each side. So you can find modern tunes like Only Friction, Bang Bang, Axe The Tax, O.S.L. or Porcelain A mixed with some of the best songs we used to play at beach singalongs late on a summer night, like Razor Sharp Daggers, Splattered Brains or Mutilated Regurgitator. I won’t discuss about the songs quality or structure, they are all Agathocles blue printed great compositions, so don’t worry about that. If you love the Belgian godfathers of grindcore, mince-core, good ol’ extreme music or socially aware stuff, you’ll love this record, otherwise why are you reading this???

The mixing is very clear and, surprisingly, very professionally done, with each instrument clearly recognizable and well balanced. The only little flow is that the drums are a little bit too weak in volume then the rest, but this just trying to find a little black spot in a sea of milk. As I’ve said above, the tracklist is very well done, with the only exception of Tension, I find that song just annoying and not worthy of sharing a disc side with the others… Instead, I have to make chapeu to the great execution of the timeless classic Splattered Brains, very intense and rad, with a great, let me repeat it, great cymbals usage.
So, here we are,  finishing another review about another great Agathocles release. You gotta love this band, no matter what!


~ by petetheripper on May 7, 2010.

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