My dad works with a lathe cutter but he doesn’t make stuff as cool as these!

Lathe cuts are great. I’ve received my first one last year from Ben Agromosh and it was the 6″ split between Gorgonized Dorks and Deche-Charge. This couple of records is simply awesome. They’re good looking and filled by a great amount of legendary bands and their both released by No Fucking Labels.

SLOTH / SPLATTERED SPLITTER – s/t / The Bone Whistler 10″

Sloth/Splattered Splitter is the first Lathe Cut 10″ I’ve ever seen. It’s simply perfect. The cover is a cardboard sheet bended in two with the two cover arts simply glued on it. The Sloth side is, as always, represented by a weird, childish drawing, while the Splattered Splitter side features an horror picture of a skeleton whistling a bone, hence the title “The Bone Whistler”. They also deserve a special extra kudos for the really nice drawing provided inside the info sheet!

Ehehehe…Sloth….Sloth is a religion. You just can’t imagine what to expect from a new Sloth release, they’re so weird, so wild, so untamable. I don’t own a lot of their releases, since almost everyone of them is limited as fuck and it’s pretty hard to find some of them in Italy, but everything I’ve listened from these crazed Ohio inhabitants is just awesome. and, let me say it, they have one of the best logs I’ve ever seen, it’s surely in my top 5!

When I head from Niels that he was going to release a split 10″ featuring Sloth I crazed out. Their side is untitled and comes in a wonderfully hand-drawn cover featuring a sweet and cute turtle. A female voice presents the band which explodes with..well…it doesn’t explode with anything, really. Sloth side is a seemingly endless twin gong-like sound, on a pretty standard white noise. In the second half of the recording things mash up a bit, with a pouding beat that starts to soar in the mix. Nothing exceptional, even if you can start hearing some screams at the end of the “song”. There’s nothing more to say about this side. I don’t want to sound disappointed, the Sloth’s well known crazy trademark is here, strong and stable, but this record just lacks of something to hear. It’s not noise, it’s not sludge, it’s not grind. It’s like some crazed ambient artist with an harsh noise fetish. Even said that I can’t admit I didn’t like this effort, since it’s enjoyable in its way. This time Sloth will sound more comfortable to ambient/drone fans then their usual sludge/noise fanbase.

Splatterd Splitter, the mistery embodied in two old-school crazed freaks. The duo provides five tunes of noise fueled thrash/death, just imagine if Nunslaughter were drunk and started playing with no bass, jamming on some CSMD or Intumescence tunes. The riffing is quite simple, with linear chords that usually end in a noisy mash up of grunts and feedbacks. The mixing is very cool, with a lot of echoes and reverbs, giving to each song a clear and nice retro feeling, it just seems a garage-recorded proto-death metal demo from 1985. The drumming is rad and it doesn’t explode in something really exciting, focusing more on the energy and on the porpuse of creating a terrific wall of sound. Going through the songs, Splattered Splitter just go nuts, screaming, grunting, blasting and smashing guitars for the pure sake of noise. There are a lot of noisecore bands which start from a classic 80’s approach to thrash (like early Cripple Bastards or Tumor), but listening to a band that does the opposite is simply great. Satanic proto-death metal bursted with a love for noise is great, so is this record. Reccomended!

ROTGUT / ROTGUT – Let It Rot 7″

The 7″ lathe cut record is more classicaly packaged, with the usual half bended cover used in a lot of No Fucking Labels releaesed. The cover is a quite simple rendition of the title (Let It Rot).

On the first side, Rotgut, from The Netherlands! Rotgut is the pre-CSMD band, featuring all the three members from Crowd Surfers Must Die plus two other guys (Jackal & Frankenstein), in a demo recording from 1991. I asked for more of them and here they are! I really like their style, rabid and nonsense-fueled primitive grindcore, filled to the rim by weird parts and unexpectable ideas. The more noisecore bursts are here, with distorted guitars and terrific feedbacks. But the added value of this record is the gigantic amount of weird passage. You will find a lot of clean vocals, acoustic guitar arpeggios or unbeliavably out-of-place synth parts. If you like your noise to be wild and without borders, here you are, Rotgut form NL, the personification of the musical foolish side. The fun value of this side of the record is enormous, and it will let you draw a smile on your face pretty often in less then five minutes. Great, great band that spawned one of the best noise bands around. Big ups for Rotgut!

On the flipside, Rotgut from Malaysia. They bring to you the live recording of a Show in Mentekab in 2008. First of all I find amzing the fact that in noise (and in grindcore also) two bands with the same monicker can share a record and make fun of it, while in most of the more mainstream music (yeah, I’m also looking at you, metalhead!) there will be a lot of court callings, judges, lawyers and a infinite shit-list of the similars. Anyway, the nowadays Rotgut play a very noisy kind of grindcore, with a structure that usually starts with a clean and eerie part from a single instruments and then explodes in a noise burst. The result is a pretty strange and original haunting noise pollution, with a lot of bass driven songs and a great alternation of screams and growls. Sadly there must be a little problem in my record, since the needle can pass through one of the last loops, making impossible to me to listen the last minute of this side. Not a big issue after all, I’ve listened enough to say that this band deserves attention. I’m looking forward to some more from them!



Sadly, the 10″ is sold out, while the 7″ is going to be the same in a very small time. Hurry up for the last copies, you won’t be disappointed!



p.s. As I wrote this, Niels from CSMD/NFL/Rotgut wrote to me explaing why the 7″ may skip. The disc is lubricated by some stuff Peter uses when he carves them, that can make the needle slip. Clean it up a smooth, dry sheet and they’ll be ok! This worked for me, so if you’re experiencing the same kind of problem, follow those instructions and everything will be ok!


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