[above : the Reinassance map of Asti, the place where it all began!]

Today I want to take a little trip from my first experience in grindcore to my latest. I want to start at a focal point in my life. It was back in 2003, adviced by a friend I’ve got in touch with Giulio The Bastard from Cripple Bastards and, since we both lived in Asti, I maneged to meet him for buying some records. I was a total naive in grindcore, so I started directly from Cripple Bastards stuff and then I got into goregrind and so on. It was a rainy late afternoon of July when I’ve bought my first 7″. It was the first time Giulio invited me to his place to choose a record from his distro, so I picked up the first one I’ve found with a name I knew, Denak, and it was their split with Hypoptalasias.


Hypoptalasias are (were?) a four piece from France, playing a screaming grindcore not so distant from early stuff from Denak or Dahmer. They’re not always so fast and the songs are filled with a lot of slow parts and weird guitar jams. There are also a lot of samples and drumming and riffing are often going in two different directions, is like the stuff is assembled together on a latter time. The structures of the songs are not bad, but there’s a feeling of soemthing going wrong, that, well, that just doesn’t fit right. The mixing is also negative for drumming volume, usually overwhelmed by the other instruments. Some parts are really funny, like in Booe or Purulent Mouth II, but everything just sounds weak and not seriously done. A funny side, but will bore you pretty fast.

Hopefully Denak were a milestone. This stuff was recorded in 1999, so their style was already perfected. They deliver five songs of uncompriminsg fast and raw grindcore, with the usual vocal dualism by Inaki. There are also a lot of moshing parts, stop and go, thrashing riffs, well, everything that needs to make a great grindcore record. On this split 7″ are included two of my favorites Denak songs, Aquellos a Los Que Nadie Quiere and Basta, with their full speed injection of anger and pure grindcore attitude. Denak were masters and with this blistering record they delivered one of their best shots of their career. I’ve talked about Denak on a post not many time ago, and you should have noticed how much I love them, well, in my opinion this is their best stuff, along with the split with Haemorrhage. Hail the legends!


The last record I’ve bought (at the time I’ve decided to write this review, since today I’ve received other stuff!) is the Napalm Death Is Dead split with Penis Geyser.
Napalm Death is Dead is a monicker I came across a lot of years ago, browsing the release list of the now defunct Fecal Matter Discorporated. In those days I wasn’t in noisecore at all, so their stuff just passed by in my memories. Today I’m biting my hands for have been such a fool. This band kick ass. They are from Japan and they play a full-throttle noisecore inspired directly by the anger-filled bursts of rage by the masters, 7 Minutes Of Nausea. They’re two guys, Hirotakanto on bass/vocals and Ucchy on drums/vocals. Japanes two-pieced noisecore bands are great (Final Exit anyone?) so there must be some Oni blessing on this kind of non-musical assortment. They’re from the country of the Rising Sun so you can expect the usual dose of weird and schizoid elements, like strange solos and more musical parts. Their side, entitled Grind Is Over, starts with a long, eerie, bass intro that explodes in a continous stream of noise and screams. This stuff is top notch noisecore from a sadly obscure band, maybe one of the best efforts in this genre I’ve ever heard!

Penis Geyser hail from Ohio and are a three piece playing a dissonant high-pitched noisecore. The first bands that come into my mind are early Anal Cunt and the more polished Deche-Charge, like their stuff on the self-titled EP. This side is pretty intense, with a lot of guitar distortions and feedback to puzzle everything together. The pitched vocals are used just to create more noise, with a continous assault of demented grunts and screams over a solid pattern of drumming noise, distorted bass and schizofrenic guitar. Penis Geyser are very rad, annihilitaing everything in their way and leaving no prisoners. Near the end of their side they just go apeshit and play a noise wall that ends in an almost sludgy shitload of feedbacks. Their rabid, they’re harsh, they’re raw. If you like your noisecore to be threathening to your neighborhood status, that’s the band you need!

On a sidenote in the inlay the bands suggest to listen to Rapt instead of this disc. Well, I really like Rapt but, guys, your stuff is so hard to put away!







And now, a little tribute to an innocent life passed away for the bitterness of health problems. Last night my girlfriend’s dog Purin died at the age of three due brain tumour complications, I want to pay tribute to him since he was a good dog and the perfect embodiment of noise, with his crazy, noisy and unpredictable attitude and, most of all, he was, like the music we learnt to love, full of true passion and love, despite an external shell that scares most of people.

So, fare thee well Purin, hound of noise! See you on the other side!


~ by petetheripper on April 28, 2010.


  1. Nice reviews! NDID is an AWESOME band.

    It’s always sad when pets die, BUT please know in English we never call our pets “things” or refer to a pet as an “it”. So that little tid-bit at the end wasn’t necessary.

    RIP Purin

    • Thanks for the com’pliments and thanks for the correction, post edited! I’ve always been told different, maybe wrong teaching or too much “formal”. I didn’t want to say you consider your pets thing, let this be clear!

  2. Sad news about your girls dog 😦
    Animals rule, and are often better friends than stupid humans
    hang on!

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