What is this blog about? When I’ve started it I was planning to talk about my love for all the anti-conventional music matters, ranging from fast to slow “music”. With this post I won’t talk about music, even if it’s about a quite mainstream form of metal. Death metal nowadays is a word often misused, spoken by a shitload of so-called true metal bands. I won’t talk about music, which is surely something out of place in this blog, but I will talk about passion. I don’t know enough about death metal to review an album, but I know a lot about music created with energy, sweat and tears. There’s a lot of reviewers out there who just praise albums coming from their friends just to appear cool or play the part of the truly supporting friend. I’m not going to fool anyone, so I just want to talk about Rising Hate, which are my friends, not about their music.

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of good friends in very good bands, but Rising Hate, O and Compost (soon on this pages!) are surely among the finest. They are five guys from Bologna (a city in the central part of Italy) who play a modern style of death metal, filled with breakdowns and aggressive parts. And that’s all about the music. They put out a demo some years ago and this is their first EP, Ars Moriendi, which features four songs plus an intro. I love them. I love their music (even if I’m not into death metal at all). And I love their energy. One of the most important features a band can give to their fans is the total dedication and Rising Hate are MVP about that. I’ve seen this bunch of guys traveling around Italy without problems, playing everywhere without arrogance or pretentiousness. They hosted a lot of cool bands in their city and are making their music just for fun, without any kind of desire to be the coolest/toughest/avantagardest(I know, it doesn’t exist!)/sickest band around. And that’s great. I’m not going to tell you to buy this album and support this band because it’s musically awesome (even if I think it blasts away the 90% of the modern death metal stuff I’ve ever listened), but because Rising Hate deserves every ounce of your support, because they’re great, passionate and humble guys. Send some bucks to them and enjoy this piece of plastic!


p.s. the booklet is simply AMAZING, chew on that you stupid digital version iTunes customer!


~ by petetheripper on April 26, 2010.

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