Quoting Psychoneurosis’ collection CD, Last Days Of Humanity are surely dead but not forgotten. The mighty lesson taught by the noise gore masters is still strong today, and a lot of bands are part of the legacy left by those sickos. An extreme music collection without at least their first two albums is very close to be worthless. They explored all the corners of the goregrind genre, from the noise depths to the more standard and Reek Of Putrefaction inspired form of gore. By the last years of their musical life they went apeshit and started to speed up like there’s no tomorrow, blasting away their existence with their annihilating and apocalyptic epitaph, Putrefaction In Progress. Last Days Of Humanity latest release in a chronological order was the great Rest In Gore double digipack, which compiled all their singles, compilations, cover version, the Human Atrocity demo, some songs from their first demo and from each one of the albums, plus some unreleased gurgling compositions. The only release that wasn’t given the right treatment which deserved was the first demo from the band, recorded back in 1992, and that’s where this 12” released by State Fucker Records comes in.
This slab of vinyl is named after the Human Atrocity demo, which was quite popular back in the days and is still one of the band’s favorite. But that release is just the b-side of its eponymous records, since the a-side is all dedicated to the long forgotten first, untitled, demo from Last Days Of Humanity.
The recording consists of 71 songs plus an intro, some of them (Church Of Lies, Sparkle Of Hope and Last Days Of Humanity) were re-recorded on the Human Atrocity demo. The style of these songs is a quite stripped down proto-gore noise, in the vein of Gore Beyond Necropsy and shows the noise-germ that will explode years later in the last releases of the band. The composition are quite cool and, even if a little bit naïve, displays a genuine and passionate love for the noise mongers of those days (in the small bio you can find references to a bunch of the usual suspects, like Fear Of god, Sore Throat or 7 Minutes of Nausea). I can’t say this stuff is epic or somewhat mandatory, but it’s surely a very nice addition to your Last Days Of Humanity collection, with the added value of a cult early noise-gore release. The only thing I want to put out is the long silence between tracks. I don’t know if it’s a way to keep the original mixing or a way to fill the entire space of a 12” ( I haven’t heard the original tape…) but those long pauses takes down the violence and in-your-face value of these songs… I also want to say I was a little bit disappointed by the cover art. The artwork of the Human Atrocity demo is simply awesome, and so is the rendering of the A1 poster provided with my limited version of this vinyl, but the cover art is just…well…blurred, and that makes it lose all the annihilating and nihilistic vibe of the drawing…
On the flipside you will find the Human Atrocity demo. I won’t spend a lot of words about these songs, they’re all among the cult status and I bet each one of you has already heard them all. There are raw, they’re sick, they’re distorted. Pure filthy as fuck old school gore noise!
I want to close this review quoting a phrase from the bio provided in the booklet :
Last days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two singers (Erwin and Hans). The “music” was made by two screaming voices that were deformed by a guitar pitch shifter.
Holy shit. Gurgling and harsh as fuck vocals screamed over a wall of distorted screams. THAT’S awesome.


~ by petetheripper on April 25, 2010.


  1. yes the cover really got fucked,sorry for that.enjoy the noise or dont.that up to you boys and gals.cheers.erwin ldoh/state-fucker

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