I’m tired. I’m really tired. I’m tired of hearing all these so-called scene fan who can’t get over the Relapse catalogue and keep talking shit about good underground bands. I’m tired of hearing that the only great (omg, GREAT?) band from Canada is Fuck The Facts. Damn. This post is dedicated to all the true lovers of underground grindcore and is my answer to all these deaf fuckers.
So I’ll review some old stuff and some new good records, ending to talk about two band that aren’t Canadian at all, like Agathocles and Denak. You won’t find anything about Deche-Charge, which is by far my most favorite Canadian band, because I’ve talked a lot about them in older posts.
And yes, I-Pod addicted, this is an all-vinyls review.






The keyword for this split release is simply : INTENSE. Dahmer wasn’t an innovative band, but they always kept a very high bar of quality, perfectly matching noise grind madness and intense and passionate songwriting.  The first song is Donald Harvey, a very linear song with a syncopated drumming, topped with a bunch of great bass lines. The nice use of bass and the fuzzy guitar is the trademark of Dahmer side and stands out really well in the second tune, Peter Kurten, marked by a simply GREAT guitar work, which defines a nice mincing style, with a couple of sped up parts that looks just like the icing on the cake. The last song is Carl Panzram (who is one of my favorite serial killers) and keeps just the legacy of the man after whom is titled. This is just the most badass song of the bunch and features a sleazy kind of vocals that gives a nice vibe of everything.

On the flipside we find Spanish legends Denak. This record was one of their first releases and features four songs and some of them will be regular tunes for the band, like Aquellos A Lo Que Nadia Quiere or Basta. Denak style is well known, so you can just expect what you hope, blistering high speed grindcore with screaming vocals and harsh as fuck mosh parts. Some songs features some parts that are just not as good as the stuff Denak will put out in the next year, but damn, this is just trying to find a black dot on a perfect girl. Do you enjoy fast grindcore? Do you like when things get a little bit harder? Do you think that a rough and distorted scream is the best way to put a full-throttle guitar riff? Well, you have found your band! Too sad they split up, keep up their legacy with Disturbance Project and Looking For An Answer!


Jean Seberg was an American actress (starring, among the others, in Bonjour Tristesse), who said extreme music doesn’t teach anything? JEANxSEBERG was a powerviolence band formed in late 90’s and, despite a very short discography they surely left their mark. They play a bunch of songs ranging from classic poweviolence to fastcore. The first thing that stands out is the drumming; it’s very fresh and it’s like a very solid structure where all the other instruments are built. I can describe their style as early Capitali$t Casualties meeting the slow-paced side of Man Is The Bastard, with a certain vibe of late 00’s Cripple Bastards spicing everything up. For a strange auto-suggestion I can also swear I’m listening something similar to Natjajev SS’ Death To Capitalist Hardcore in the tune Snake With Glasses, Their side ends with a fast as fuck fastcore song, topped by a very cool guitar shred. I refuse to link their website, since is dead by ages, if someone knows some better resources on them, just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to edit!

Dahmer side is way more polished than what we heard on their split with Denak.
First of all, they added intros, everything is spoken in French, which I don’t understand, but I assume they’re either a parody (Consommateurs Leaders) or satire (Unabomber). They’re trademarks are all here, so expect a simply GREAT songwriting (and let me say this is one of their best records) despite the simpel structure of songs. On this untitled release they put more effort in instrumental breaks, adding depth to their compositions and they gave a lot of space to bass assault. You will hear those filthy four chords slamming all the time, and this kind of way to play gives a very muddy and at the same time martial vibe to everything.



Mesrine are almost-godlike creatures. They feature his majesty Dan-Charge on drums and they put out a shitload of simply great records. This is a live feature, which usually isn’t a synonymous of big surprises, but they graced us with two cover version of not so over-covered songs. The first tune they deliver is Gary Ridgway, from theit I Choose Murder album, a fast, unmerciful song with a deep growling attack and almost brutal-metal-like breakdown. The last song was a new one at the time of this record (2006), appeared some months before on thei split with Epitome. It’s a very fast noisefest, with a growl/scream dualism, sometimes reminding me more gore themed bands (yeah, I’ve just said it) on the most squealing parts. Between these songs we have the cover versions, one of Garfield For President from Unseen Terror, the other of Practice What You Preach by Napalm Death, total early Earache worship!

Archagathus are well-known mince dealers nowadays, but back then they were total rookies and this is one of their first efforts. They’re also delivering a cover version of a classic Rot’s tune, Russian Roulette, out of the Sociopathic Behaviour album.
Back in 2006 they used a deeper growl, but you can expect the usual amount of early 90’s Agathocles worship. Groovy parts, grunts, distorted screams. Everything is here and Archagathus were just as talented as they’re now. They had the great skill of making you getting addicted to their songs, even if they’re derivative as fuck. The sogns on this split EP aren’t masterpieces, but are a great way to spend 5 minutes with unmerciful and rough grindcore, the way it used to be.
I love this band….Damn!


I don’t think I have to describe who Agathocles are. The godfathers of grindcore assault your ears with two tracks exclusive for this release and a great version of Forced To Masturbate. Speaking of the latter, this is a noisier version of the song appeared on Mincer, surely one of my favorite tracks out of one of the best 00’s records by Agathocles, imho. The first track is called Give Up and it’s a bass driven mince fest, with a great groove and a very noisy vibe. The last one, Hell Breaks Loose, is a strong mid-tempo classic mince core song, with a good amount of faster parts and moshable breaks. The leit motiv of this Agathocles session is the very strange usage of sound fx (and let me say, they really fit well with this Agathocles darker side!) and a vocal mixing that reminds me Electric Wizard (yeah, you’ve read well), with that distant and alienating feeling. Very nice and original EP by Agathocles, with the added value of a very good cover, taken out from some mange (Alita, maybe?).

On the flipside, Disleksick! Let me say it, I really like this band and I don’t know why. I mean, I don’t think they’re bad, I’ve just got a lot of trouble trying to describe their musical style! Instrumentally wise, I can tell they sound like a more punkish version of a incestuous mix of Lack Of Interest and Man Is The Bastard. The punk influence is very strong, but what gives a very, very strange feeling to everything are vocals. James sings with a mesmerizing, droning monotonous style of vocals. That’s really cool and gives the band a very recognizable sound, but if you’re not in this stuff it just makes harded to endure Disleksick music. They’re a very prolific band and,, even if you miss this split EP, you’ll easily end to hold one of their records in your hand. Keep an eye on this Canadian fuckers, you won’t get disappointed!





I’m sorry for the yellowish effect on the photos, but I have to made them with a (don’t laugh) Hello Kitty branded Samsung cell phone. And before you ask, the bear chef sticker that appear in the pictures is NOT included in the records.


~ by petetheripper on April 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “BLAME CANADA!”

  1. Lyrically too, Disleksick is fucking bad ass.

  2. allora ci becchiamo agli occhiodiadio così ti dò il discolaccio valà!

  3. Disleksick sound and style is totally original (at least to me), i follow them since the demo days. i can’t compare them to anything, seriously. weird-ass shit.

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