THIS IS YOUR GOD – 4 way tape review

Ok, let’s push play to the ultra capitalistic Bon Jovi’s New Jersey CD and go ahead to review this filthy and rough as fuck 4 way split tape!

First of all, this record is downloadable for free on the D.I.Y. or D.I.E. website, but since you can also buy a physical copy of it I think I shall not explain what you have to do! Support, freaks!

This 4 way is called This is Your God and features exclusive tracks (or, at least, I think they are) from Muerte De La Pega, Primordial Sounds, Slaughter Grave and Unfit Scum.

The first to kick in are Muerte De La Pega which, despite the latino monicker, come from  Greece and features members from Anomia and thrash core freaks Faithreat. Their songs can be roughly divided in two parts : the first five are made out of a mix of crust, fast core and classic thrash parts. They’re quite nice but they lack the right personality to get stuck in your mind. From the seventh song they start going apeshit, putting a lot of cool stuff in their composition, spicing up their recipe. You will find almost western weird intros followed by You Suffer style noise bursts (B.A.N.A.N.A.), experimental parts (B.I.L. and Ripped Asshole) and cool punk riffs that remind me acts like Prosti Fucktori (Accident). There’s also time for a pure fun song like We Fuck Metalcore, a cool parody of the classic metal core trendy song, so you’ll find technical and so-called experimental riffing followed by a clean vocal refrain and the useless, boring as shit breakdown.
So, nice effort by Muerte De La Pega, I think this is their first official release, so kudos to their nice songs! I think they’re more “experimental” stuff is just plain better than their standard one, but if I have to make a complain is that the vocal lines are too similar to each other, some more variety will add more interest in their songs.
Anyway, I’m really, really curious to hear something more from Muerte De La Pega!

Then it’s time for Primordial Sounds. These guys come from Belgium, and you should already know that the name of that country means quality in grind and noise music. They declare that they’re highly influenced by Belgian legends Permanent Death, and well…they’re right! Primordial Sounds play a harsh and muddy wall of noise, with continuous feedback and distortion interrupted by guitar and drumming bursts. In some parts they remind me even Deche-Charge a lot (especially their self titled EP) and they use a drumming style that is very similar to the Anal Massaker one. So, we have a Belgium trio who plays a rough mix of Permanent Death,. Deche-Charge and Anal Massaker, I don’t think I have to add more! They’ve been quite around, so they shouldn’t be a new name for a lot of you….
In the second session of noise they even go pretty weird, using a guitar “riff” that can come directly from Final Exit and using a very gloomy chord sound for the last crazy part.
So, Primordial Sounds rule, you should already knew it and you should already have bought some of their releases!

Slaughtergrave are a mince core Greek band. They play a very distorted kind of mince and I can hear a lot of Extreme Noise Terror in their sound, with even some of classic early 90’s grindcore influences (Agathocles and Life’s Built On Thoughts era Cripple Bastards). There’s a song sung in Italian, but I can’t find out if it’s a cover or just a “joke”. The first four songs come from a different session than the others, or they’re just recorded worst, I don’t know, eheheh. Anyway, while the first ones can be described  easily as above, the others show more variety, even in the sound choinces! Epidemic Bacterial War can be recalled by the uncongenial high pitched guitar sound, Die For A Guinnes, Not For A Country is just like hearing Doom jamming some covers from Scum’s A Side, In Mince We Trust is a weird song, with almost porno-groovy structures and classic mince sounds. For noisecore lovers, Brutal Lies is just a plain harsh noise song, while Noisecore is just what it says, a cool bass guitar riff followed by a Penis Enlargement’s style noisecore burst.
So, in the end I have to say Slaughtergrave are very cool, maybe just too much on the -core side of mince, so if you hate HC (and that will be strange for a grind head!) maybe you won’t like their stuff.
The first bunch of songs are flawed by a very low voice volume level, but this can’t stop you from enjoying them.

The last band on this tape is Unfit Scum, hailing from Brazil. They play a bass driven style of crust, very fast and rough. They are quite enjoyable, but since I don’t dig crust at all I can’t find a right way to review them. So, since I don’t want to be the kind of reviewer who talks about what he doesn’t know I just want to suggest Unfit Scum to any crust freak out there, give them a try, they seem very active and fueled by true passion! Sorry guys for not reviewing your stuff as you deserve…..

A litle update fromt he comment box from Unfit Scum (thanks for un the understanding guys!)

“I just would like to leave the unfit scum page address for those who´d like to know something more from us: ps:our trax on this comp are not exclusively released on this tape,they also appear on a comp tape called “chaotic mad blasts” among uncurbed / dead noise / urband head raw / the helpless”


~ by petetheripper on April 7, 2010.

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  1. hey,this is jef from unfit scum,i understand if don´t want to write sort of a big reveiw about us coz you´re not much into crust,but i thank you anyway for the tape review in general and i just would like to leave the unfit scum page address for those who´d like to know something more from us: ps:our trax on this comp are not exclusively released on this tape,they also appear on a comp tape called “chaotic mad blasts” among uncurbed / dead noise / urband head raw / the helpless.

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