What about this one? This is a milestone in the long road named noise core and puts its roots in Croatia, far away from the mainstream world. As written in the previous review about the split with Burek Death Squad, Patareni is easily one of the most influential band EVER in noise, setting the standards of a filthy mix of noise, proto grind and 77 fueled hardcore. Their side on the split with Buka is just epic. It’s bad, it’s wrong. It’s like the first symptoms of a cancer that will infect music forever. They just threw everything they liked in the mix, so you won’t listen standardized grinding noise here, because they just tried to spice a bit the punk stuff they used to love. This stuff, obviously, is not as far as extreme as modern noise, but after 21 years is still refreshing and inspirational. Everything is about Hadzo, his guitar work was so great and original for the times that surely blew out some people’s mind. He just couldn’t stay in extreme music boundaries, so he experimented a lot, so it’s really great to hear a proto-noise record who just breaks the limits of the genre it will contribute to create. It’s like Black Sabbath decided to blast beat or going sludge on their self titled album. Patareni were ahead of their times and this record will be remembered and cited a lot in the future years. It also shows a lot of the band’s sides, like the folk arpeggio at the beinning of Dio Mase or the amazing guitar work in Smradovi U Prolazu. The last song, Improvizacja, sets the standard for a lot of future noise core/noise grind bands in the future, like early Cripple Bastards or Tumor.

On the flipside there’s Buka, Patareni noisiest twin brothers. They play 27 songs of hardcore influenced proto noise, often starting with a scream or a more musical incipit and then bursting in a deflagration of noise and filthy rawness. Their musical style reminds me a lot an enhanced version of 7 Minutes Of Nausea classic records and some of the stuff bands like New York Against The Belzebu will do in the 90’s. There’s also some melodic songs, like the classic Najduza Stvar or Ich Gehe Zur Schule, in which the folk and punk side of these Croatian legends comes in surface. Buka was all about fun and these positive energy is clearly flet throughout this record, whit joke songs like Pasta Suta. A lot of these compositions were covered through the years like, along the above said Najduza Stvar and Ich Gehe Zur Schule, Pastete, Debilana, Sekunda or Pisanje.
This record is a timeless classic, among the best ones in the history of grindcore and must receive the recognition and devotion it deserves. Spinning this old slab of vinyl will make clear a lot of influences of famous bands and gives praise to the two sides of the coin called Patareni/Buka, surely one of the best pairs of bands in (non)music history.


~ by petetheripper on March 25, 2010.

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