It’s time for a Croatian spiced revival! Patareni is easily one of the most loved band in grindcore history, influencing a shitload of underground bands and helping setting the basics for noise-grind. The Croatian band recorded an enormous amount of songs in their relatively short-lived career, splitting with acts like Anal Cunt, Extreme Noise Terror, UxBxRx and Cripple Bastards. And it’s with Giulio from the originally Asti-based band that Hadzo, deus ex machina of Patareni, started long time ago a strong and collaborative (both personally and musically) friendship. GTB singed on some Patareni songs and he covered a lot of their songs with his band. This split EP marks Giulio’s new collaboration with the Croatian legends Patareni plus a (one time only?) new band called Burek Death Squad.

The first side kicks in with a classic grinding hardcore Patareni song, Beat The Bastard, that will make happy every fan of their later period. The riffing is simple and straight-forward, heavily influenced by Ramones guitar work, a long time influence on Hadzo way of playing. The rhythm section is also way too functional,  nothing exceptional, just funny and noisy distorted punk. Giulio way of singing reminds em a lot of his late 90’s recording, just without the screams. This recording session was surely full of fun and transmit’s a lot of positive energy, which is quite rare in this genre. You can feel this good vibe also in the cover of Death Sentence’s Live To Die and, more prominent, in the last Ni Dve Banke. This last song is a Ska-core assault with growling vocals and folk influences. This may sound quite strang, but Hadzo is very eclectic and this isn’t the first time he has experimented in ska-folk environment, just take a listen to the wonderful Obrade tribute/album by Patareni!

Burek Death Squad is so much hard to describe…. This band also features Hadzo and Giulio on guitar and vocals, so should sound similar to Patareni side. Bullshit! Their long session is just a lysergic mix of noise, punk, thrash core, rock, folk, power violence and surf. The best way I can describe it is like a 4 minute long duel between Giulio and Hadzo, vocals vs. guitar in a batlle without forbidden blows. Hadzo does a incredibly high number of solos, just listen to the one that starts around the third minute, pure POWER METAL galloping awesomeness. Helloween, go home. There’s also a couple of lines where Giulio sings “Living Like An Animal”; I don’t know if it’s a GG Allin tribute, but I like to think it is… I don’t know if we’ll listen more by this band, but their side is incredibly funny, and you will just want to spin it one more time, again and again. The only bad thing about this split it’s that it’s written in Croatian, I think, so I can’t understand anything.

Besise that, be sure to grab your pink version of this very nice and funny slab of vinyl, because if  having Patareni, Cripple Bastards, Blacanic folk, ska and classic metal solos in one record isn’t enough, well….I don’t know what you will do in your life.

This record is released by Haunted Hotel Records as HHR#26.


~ by petetheripper on March 24, 2010.

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