Bukkake Violence Kommando is a name you should already know. Hailing from Veneto, Italian capital of booze, they put in this three inches of plastic a goo-drenching performance recorded at “Satanic Tribute to Francesca” a festival made at the end of January 2009 in Padova.
They assaulted the audience with a little more than 10 minutes of noisy goregrind, fueled with sludgy parts that make each song flow into the next. Their style is like a combination of early career Last Days Of Humanity. Intumescence and Gore Beyond Necropsy, so expect a furious and primitive goregrind played with an anti-musical and noisy attitude. In the first half of the set there are more sludgy parts than on the second one, but they don’t get boring, and set the mood for the filthiness and porn-addicted approach of the band. The sound production isn’t, as you can guess, the best one, and, especially at the beginning, you can clearly hear some big flaws in the volume control, while at the end there is a lot of bass frequencies saturation. But, hey, we’re not talking about Gershwin, we’re talking about noisecore! At the end of the set Andrea, aka Sexterminator 69, has some problems with his drum kit, resulting in a lot of shouting by the audience and some funny stuff in Italian. This isn’t their most essential stuff, is more a funfest than a milestone, but it’s a nice way to see one of the few noise gore Italian bands in a live context, and if you listened to some of their releases (I suggest the splits with Gorgonized Dorks and Lumaka Inferocita) you will know that they deserve your attention!

This 3” cd is released by Saors in a limited set of 50 hand numbered pieces.


Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering (sadly, R.I.P.) starts the show with an intro made out fo screaming people, just an appetizer for the cybergrind assault that will come. Their songs are simple, straightforward, with a strong structure built on a nice programmed drum machine. The riffs are quite linear and stay in the “already listened” context, while the voice is a gurgling, bestial growl. The ten songs on this split aren’t their best, in my opinion, and even if they’re not boring and above the 99% of nowdays shitty cybergrind, they struggle to get remembered. The only two songs I think that stand out from the bunch are Mutant Pussy Hunter and the rockfish finale, Manifestation Of Maggots.

Gorgonized Dorks contribute with three songs composed by a strange line up. No drums on this release, since Ben is on the theremin, Katz on keyboard, with both of them sharing vocal duties. They play an apocalyptic harsh noise assault, based on electronic loops and saturated nosie patterns. I don’t like so much this side of the band, since I prefer when they put these influences into their noise core composition. This is not bad, but I can see this effort just as a release for harsh-freaks only or as a non-conventional experimental tryout by the band we learnt to love. I’m not disappointed by this split 3”, but I’ve listened better stuff from Hemorrhoidal Anal suffering and I think Gorgonized Dorks work better when they focus on their -core side. Even said that, this is a must have for these band fans and completists.

This 3” cd is released by Aimless Productions in a limited set of 30 hand numbered pieces.


~ by petetheripper on March 21, 2010.

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