As free as a FAST demo!

Some free stuff review. Winter was hard and we had to spend a lot of money getting warm, so save a few bucks and grab this two nice releases!


Rotten Raw Rehearsal from SMG is just what it says, a rotten raw recording of an alcohol injected rehearsal. This stuff was supposed to be on a 7”, but it was never released since the band was ripped off by some assholes, so just some few copies remains from that pressing.  For the big effort of clicking a couple of times with your mouse you’ll receive eight songs of boom box quality high octane grindcore.  Some of this stuff was already put on other releases like the splits with Agathocles, Sloth and the uber-tape with CSMD. SMG play their usual brand of fast and noisy grindcore, so if you like that dirty old stuff and you can’t go to bed without spinning one more time that damn Warsore/IxRxFx split EP, well you will probably dig Rotten Raw Rehearsal. The rehearsing quality and attitude, coupled with a good old passion for alcoholic liquids combine to make a strong and harsh feeling to this EP. Filthiness and love for everything fast are the main ingredients of SMF recipe and you will get satisfied with this free release.



Szam is a freaky guy located in Walsall, England who, with just a drum kit and his voice started the noise project known as Cuntoxt. The main offering is an high pitched drum sound, often switching to a harsh dislocated noise, topped by frenzy and deranged screaming vocals.  There is a never-ending white noise pattern surrounding everything Szam is doing, giving to the composition a weird “live” sound. I don’t know if this stuff is improvised or what, but it gets very harsh and brutal in the fastest parts and shows a nice drumming taste in the slower ones. Check songs like When Loneliness is Better or the last part of the “suite” (ahahah, I LOVE using these high-society musical terms talking about noise!) “Societal Self Destruction”. Well, in the end, I have to admit Cuntoxt play a really intense and passionate kind of noise, keeping it original and with a very personal choice of sounds. Check ‘em out, since Szam will record some new stuff very soon.


You can also listen to the demo in streaming via Youtube :


~ by petetheripper on March 18, 2010.

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