I’ve bought Matka Teresa/SMG a couple of days ago and I’m really glad to have found an unexpected little gem of underground music.

Matka Teresa are from The Netherlands and play a furious kind of grindcore, with a strong accent on the CORE, injecting their sound with blistering speed and classic screaming/growling dualism. They remind me a lot a powerviolence spiced version of Your Lies In Check era Cripple Bastards, with their pounding guitars and furious, straight faced drumming. The recordings on this split are all taken live and shows the band in a tremendous shape, with their blistering speed and acid spitting vocals. I haven’t listened a lot to them in the past, also because their discography is tiny, but they’re surely going straight to my heart. There’s not much left to say. Speed, thrashy & groovy riffs, vocalize hatred. You know the deal. Grindcore the way it should be!

Tracklist :

There are seven tracks on Matka Teresa side, but since I’m not expert about their production and their inlay is written in Japanese (!!!) I can’t write down the titles. If someone knows them, please comment or msg me, I’ll be glad to edit!

SMG are not inferior by any aspect, nevertheless they play in a extremely raw way compared to Matka Teresa. Their grindcore is strongly influenced by noise, since they have put a streak of five noise bursts dedicated to Matka Teresa’s singer Extreme Martin. They’re very harsh and lo-fi sounding, reminding good ol’ bands like Warsore and demo-period Violent Headache and Agathocles. They don’t forget that grindcore’s grandfather is punk, so don’t be surprised to listen a perfectly 77 sounding part in Junkyard Babies. This side of the vinyl is full of extras, so you’ll find live versions, demos and covers songs, giving to SMG’s side a various and refreshening vibe. The last song, SMG Not MSG, can give you a perfect example of how SMG stuff is : raw, fast, schizophrenic, pounding, noisy and full with throat wounding screams.

Tracklist :

01. Time’s Up
02. H.I.V. Positive Hardcore
03. Ode To Extreme Martin Part 1
04. Ode To Extreme Martin Part 2
05. Ode To Extreme Martin Part 3
06. Ode To Extreme Martin Part 4
07. Ode To Extreme Martin Part 5
08. The Price Of Death – Live 2008
09. Holiday In Afghanistan – Live 2008
10. Junkyard Children – Live 2008
11. Garam Masala (Damage Digital Cover)
12. Go Away (Unreleased Demo)
13. SMG Not MSG



This split EP it’s not a masterpiece or something that will be remembered for ages, but defines very well a genre, remembering to all the kids that grind is not supposed to be over produced, polished, clean or must be released above a minimum standard. Grind is supposed to be raw side of “music”, the filthy, dirty and reeking deformed brother of “good” music. There is also a great effort put into the layout of this EP, filled with great drawings and fronted by a really, really, nice cover.  Buy this 7″ and turn up the volume, let your neighboors’ ears be filled by noise!



Co- released by Extreme Terror Production – Rotten Gorol Prod. – Sick Music For A Sick World! Recs – Drop Out Records, in 500 copies.


~ by petetheripper on March 15, 2010.


  1. quite good review.

  2. SMG IS SICK AS FUCK!! totally brutal and insane shit!!

  3. Yeahhh!Thanx for support!

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