It’s been some time, but my friend Popster from Pissdeads has just sent me another nice review made by himself! So, while I finish mine, take a look at this!

The split is called “Like eats like”, on the black/white cover you will find people and pigs. What does it mean? You should give a listen to find the answer.

Psychotic Sufferance provide sixteen songs of unmerciful raw and fast grindcore. They play grindcore as it is and as it must be. C’mon you all know them, should I describe their sound? They kick ass, like not many modern grindcore-bands. It’s not for trendy ears, it is not for fashion, it is for PROTEST. Vocals remind me of early Napalm Death years, all the instruments are well heard, you will even be able figure out some words, that the singer pounds into your head. Savage energy, blasting madness that will hammer a couple of nails in capitalism’s coffin.

Who are these guys with this strange long name, you can ask. Ok, I’ll tell you. Amnogomusikimalo is a band from Russia (St.Petersbourg) that plays noisegrind, but not very simple, you’ll hear also a theremin in their noise. They provided fifty songs, that take about thirteen minutes and are in a one track. Again raw and fast, and they remind of the Earwigs and Gorgonized Dorks. Vocals sound unusual, but be sure, you’ll like this sound. Massacre made of instruments with some DADA and space flavor. Check it! Only 108 copies made.


~ by petetheripper on March 12, 2010.

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