Rupture rhymes with Rapture

In this post I just want to go a bit off track. I hate hip-hop. Really. BUT in my life I learned to respect and appreciate every kind of musician that puts his soul in what he does. So, I want to spend some words about some guys from the Milano and Crema (a small town near Milan) rap scene.
The firsrt one is Marco, aka Mifrà, a Sicilian guy who came to the North some years ago for starting University. His songs are about what I like the most : everyday life. You can find a lot of references to work, school, love, friends and everyday struggle to keep your one way true and coherent. A lot of songs are filled with references to his personal issues, starting for his youngly deceased bro to working problems, the distance from his hometown and a lot of mind mazes concerning the difficulty to be the right man in every situation or trying to don’t disappoint anyone. Great stuff indeed, nailed on a strong structure of evocative images and never predictable feelings. There are a lot of songs sung in a more American way, more gangsta, if you want, that can show you more about the dualism of Mifrà, always trying to stay aside the cliches of the genre and stating to everyone his one of a kind, not a part of a nevernding stream of clones.
Dem Cas, formerly Cas, is Carlo, the long time friend of Mifrà and one of his crew fellows. His vocal style is more measured than Mifrà’s and gives to everything a more martial feeling. I haven’t heard a lot from him, but I really like when he feats in other’s guys songs, since he can give a very nice harder vibe. Like Mifrà he sings with a very strong Sycilian accent, which is very, very nice and states strongly their hometown warmth and strong temper. Keep it up man!
Riko is a producer who works a lot with Mifrà and Dem Cas, but his solo works are very nice. His vocal style is more classic, but he puts a lot of effort in bases and socio-political issues. He never forgets personal problems, but he can put everything in a wider context, giving to everything a disillused and rough view on our nation.
As you may have noticed, I don’t know a fuck about rap, but I think I can recognize who plays music with pure and sincere passion and heart.
This was just something I really wanted to do, for three great guys and friends, since the next post we’ll return to screamed anger and growled blood spitting!

“E lo faccio anche per voi, per voi, siete il mio mondo.
Perchè io sono qualcuno se con me avete un rapporto”

“And I do it also for you, for you, because you are my world.
Because I am someone only if you have a relationship with me”

Mifrà – Dedica

~ by petetheripper on March 10, 2010.

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