BACK TO THE FUTURE! Agarchy & Minced In Piracicaba!


Which record comes in your mind when someone asks you to hear some grind stuff?
If I have to make a choice, I’d surely put on my turntable the Agarchy EP by Agathocles.
The Belgian mincers are surely the godfathers of grindcore, grinding and mincing for a quarter of century. Their constant inspiration, coupled by a true and pure underground spirit made them a constant reference point to look at. Agathocles, you should know it, released a SHITLOAD of stuff, on any kind of format and splitted with a tremendous amount of bands, often helping them to gain media and fans coverage.
Among all of their releases the Agarchy EP stands out as one of the most piercing and intense 7″ in grindcore history. It features four songs. The first one, The Truth Begins Where Man Stops To Think, sets the standard for a lot of grindcore songs in the future years, with its groovy drumming and sheer guitar work. Jan’s voice is great as always, delivering its usual amount of grunts, topping the top notch song writing. Sentimental Hypocrisy is just, IMHO, the gold standard for grindcore songs. Fast, rabid, intense, growl/scream vocal dualism. Everything is in it, making this second track one of the most enjoyable songs live on their gigs, being a great example of how grindcore must sound. Kill Your Idols is just my favourite Agathocles song EVER. It starts with an almost sludge intro, bursting into a crusty mid-paced part and then exploding in a gut-fest of grinding madness and heaviness. It reminds me a lot a latter track, A For Arrogance, which goes by a very similar pattern. Pounding, noisy and with acid spitting lyrics. Thet’s the way I like Agathocles! The last song starts with a poem (Birds) and then bursts into the main riff of Gorgonized Dorks’ spawn : Agarchy! The title track is a re-edition of the just mentioned classic tune and it’s not too much different from the original, just a little bit cleaner and incisive.
As I’ve mentioned above, Agathocles kick major butts on this slab of vinyl and provide an example of grindcore that should be teached in school.
HAIL to the masters!

Tracklist :

1. The Truth Begins, Where Man Stops to Think
2. Sentimental Hypocrisy
3. Kill Your Fucking Idols
4. Agarchy


Minced In Piracicaba is one of the latest effort by Belgian powerhouse Bringer Of Gore and features Agathocles playing 20 songs live from Piracicaba, Brazil, recorded during the Matadores De La Libertad tour. The line-up still features Tony from PxDx, so it can be seen as a sort of homage to a great man tragically deceased….
First of all, the recording rocks. It’s made with an hand-camera microphone but you can recognize everything very well, and it adds the right dose of noise and distortion we like. The first side features songs almost only for their latest full length, Grind Is Protest, plus one tune from Mincer (Carved Face Fashion) and one from the middle 90s (Who Cares). I didn’t like too much Agathocles latest stuff, so the composition aren’t my favourite, but I can admit without any problems that these live versions are very enjoyable, and I simply love the way the’re focusing more on fastness and brutality.
On the flip side you can still find a lot of stuff from Grind Is Protest, but mixed with a huge amount of classic and immortal songs like Razor Sharp Daggers, Mutilated Regurgitator, Christianity Means Tyranny and Lay Off Me. I think side B is more enjoyable than the A, even if it’s a little less “extreme”.
I don’t think I have to say more, everyone MUST have at least one Agathocles live album, and even if this one it’s not the most complete, it’s surely enjooyable and features a very harsh and unforgiving side of Agathocles.
For the band’s completist, Minced In Piracicaba it’s not only another EP to add to the Belgian legends’ discography, but also a great record to put on the turntable.

Tracklist :

1. Not A Bit
2. Big Flat Cages
3. Only Friction
4. Who Cares
5. Carved Face Fashion
6. Axe The Tax
7. Bang Bang
8. Hear More
9. Liberal Cancer
10. Razor Sharp Daggers
11. Mutilated Regurgitator Part One
12. Necessity
13. Arbeit Macht Krank
14. Contradiction
15. O.S.L.
16. Open The Gates
17. Porcelain A
18. Lay Off Me
19. Christianity Means Tyranny
20. Mutilated Regurgitator Part Two



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