CSMD interview

A lot of years ago, on my shitty 56k modem I was surfing the web trying to find some interesting extreme band. It was way before all the MySpace and Blogspot stuff, so old-school websites were the main stuff you could find. I came across this weird site featuring weed, GG Allin, monsters and chimps. CSMD blew me away, I was totally amazed by the amount of racket those guys could do. Now they’re one of my favourite bands, so it’s a great, great pleasure to host Niels on my toilet cyberpaper blog.

Here we go!

Q : Hi Niels! Thanks for accepting to do this interview! Everything’s fine?

A : Yo Simone, everything is ape o.k. here at moonbase Alpha.

Q : First of all, the monicker. CSMD is the acronym for Crowd Surfers Must Die, maybe tightly connected to the Troma flick Surf Nazis Must Die. Your adaptation reflects a particular event, a message or it was just an inside joke?

A : The name Crowd Surfers Must Die came from our hatred for people that where crowd surfing at shows  goes they didn’t have the guts to just do a proper stage dive (it’s the emo version of a stage dive). Back in the glory days of grindcore/deathmetal we would always go stage dive at shows pretty fanatic.  I think that crowd surfing thing came with that whole wave of shitty/hyped grunge music back in the 90’s and people turned emo and gay.

Q : Your music is injected with sci-fi and weird monster movies references, both in a conceptual and in a musical way, which is still today very original. How did you came up with the idea?

A : Well we are all movie freaks, specially sci fi/monster stuff. We always had some space noise influences like on the split tape with Pile Of Eggs, but especially with the adding of SpaceCommander to the band on theremin we went to the next level of space noise delirium and beyond the fucn cosmos! Now days we also pay tribute to our fave movies by doing covers of them. Which is a fun thing to do giving it a noisecore twist.

Q : Your website isn’t updated with the line up of CSMD. Can you tell us how the band works now, who is in, who is out and how you usually compose?

A : Yeah the site hasn’t been updated for years. The guy who runes it is a lazy bastard and so am I.

CSMD started out with just me (Noiseape) and Judge. But in 2006 our old mate and ex Rotgut member SpaceCommander joined us, the rest is history. Many galaxies have been conquered and many more will fall. We are a violent space force to reckon with!!!  I’m the captain of the crew. I do all the concepts, artwork and lyrics and all the shit.  But I could absolutely not do it without the help, ape-brains and tentacles of Judge and Spacecommander. How we compose/record is a top secret process, but there is a lot of beer and joints involved J

– CSMD old line up: Noiseape=bass/vox ,  Judge=drum.

– CSMD now: Noiseape=drum/vox, Judge=guitar, SpaceCommander=theremin

Q : At the beginning there was Rotgut. Can you talk about that experience and how it changed into nowdays CSMD? Are there any other side projects you run?

A : Yep, Rotgut was our first attempt to start a band back in 1991. We were bored teenagers in a little town where there was no fucking thing to do.  Only thing we did was hanging around the streets getting drunk and stoned and listening music. We were totally into Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Sore Throat, Carcass, Anal Cunt and stuff like that so we wanted to form a band just like that. Of corpse nobody of us could play an instrument but we all scored one and started playing and recording totally stupid shitnoise in my mom’s bedroom.  We did a few recording sessions and even did a gig at a party from a friend (2 and a half tune I think goes we where to drunk to play). Anyway, Rotgut fell apart in 1992. There was a 1 time project we did under a different name called H.Z.N. (Herrie Zonder Naam) that was in 1993. We did a live show at a local youthcenter with H.Z.N. but that was all we did with it. Meanwihle me and Judge kept jamming together when ever we had the change. Our first recorded 2 piece jam session called the “Scum Sessions” (1992) ended up on the split tape with SMG. We originally had no name back than, but many jam sessions later in 1998 I finally came up with a name: Crowd Surfers Must Die. So from than on if we recorded something it was under the name of CSMD and I strated to release demo’s and split tapes. So that’s how Rotgut turned into CSMD. We also did a one time reunion show with Rotgut back in 1997 (see clip on youtube).

(ROTGUT was Noiseape,Judge, Spacecommander, Frankenstein and Jackel)

Q : You made a split with Japanese legends The Gerogerigegege and aussie gods Rupture. How did you get in touch with them? It was a good experience?

A : I knew Juntaro/Gerogerigegege from writing and trading in the late 90’s. He was interested in doing a split with us. It was released between Juntaro’s Vis a Vis records, Maxi Noisesensation from Germany and my own label NFL.  I know Stumbs/RUPTURE for a long time now, and did several releases from them in the past like “Wanksparks” EP and “Space Ape” LP. So when the split pic disk with Netjajev SS didn’t happen I asked my old friend Stumbs if they wanted to be on the split and it was a yes right away. The split pic disk turned out fucn killer. Its amazing that we did a split with 2 of my all time fave bands The Gerogerigegege and Rupture.

Q : You made a lot of crazy stuff and great records. Which is since now your favourite one? There are some of them tied with good memories or nice episodes?

A : I like all my releases,they are like my own little Minilla’s (that’s Godzilla’s baby,stupid) [I knew it! Thanks AVGN Godzillathon! ndPete] but the lathe cuts I did with Intumescence, Deche Charge and Vulgar Nausea, The I’m Going ape series and split with AxSxH are among my fave’s. But the best one is the split picture disk with Rupture!!! It just looks and sounds fucn insane J!!!!

Q : What about No Fucking Labels? There’s a meaning in the monicker? How did it started?

A :I started NFL records back in 1998. Just as a label to release CSMD demo’s and a comp with old stuff like Rotgut and H.Z.N. I also started to distribute records (boots a friend of mine did) and tapes and records I had traded. I did my first vinyl release in 2000. The meaning of NO FUCKING LABELS sounds pretty clear to me HE HE HE…   no limits and no laws….. No Fucking Labels!

Q : What is noise for you?

A : Noise=music Noise=fun Noise=resistance!!!

Noise is the music neanderthal people would make when they would pick up a drum and a guitar in their cave
AND DAMN!!! its the perfect soundtrack for any Godzilla/Gamera/crazy sci fi monster movie!!

What shall we expect from both the band and the label in the future? Any chances to see you live in Italy?

A : Loads of CSMD releases are in works and need to be worked on. There will be a full 7”EP, a split 7”with Gorgonized Dorks, a 5” lathe cut, a 4way 10” a split LP with Deche Charge and several other split tapes and stuff. So watch out for some more sci fi monster noisecore funky violence!

Also we will do 1 show this year at the NFL fest on 21th of May at the SUB071 in Leiden/The Netherlands (AxSxH, Nekromantiker and Spoelstra will play there as well). On NFL records the Sloth/Splattered Splitter: split 10”lathe and Rotgut/Rotgut: split 7”lathe are now getting pressed and after that I will work on the Mesrine/SpermBloodShit: split 7” and tons of other shit.

Maybe one day we will play in Italy, you never know where our spaceship crashlands next.

Q : Thanks for your time! Finish as you want!

A : Thanx for your support  chimp, without the world wide network of freaks this would not be happening.  For info/distro and all that shit just write me at nkcsmd(at)hotmail.com











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4 Responses to “CSMD interview”

  1. Nice interview…
    CSMD = Brain splitting!!

    keep it up!

  2. Hej Bonobro alias Captain Klompen heb je je intergalactische sterren kruiser vast? Kom naar beneden en pick me up, heb ik gebouwd enkele Japanse robot seks poppen voor ons! We gaan naar Suriname en start een nieuwe kokosnoot republiek!


  4. At the beginning there was Rotgut..and then god created the universe

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