The first time I’ve heard VØid was almost two years ago. I was coming back home from visiting my parents and I carried with me a box I’ve ordered online. There were also some promos in it and one of them was the “Outward Calm, Hidden Truth” by those Italian droners. I put it in my CD player while the train was slowing down, due to an accident happend near teh steel bridge we should cross. I was totally mesmerized by the dilated sounds put out by the band and how it fit perfectly with the enviroment I was in. The train went on slowly on the bridge. It was mid July, and the river underneath it was almost dry. The sun was low, the air looked heavy as fuck and the notes were slow, sooooo slow.

After one year I did a compilation for On The Road zine and when was time to find a nice slow music Italian act, VØid was surely my first choice. I got in touch with Crono and I was told there was a full length ready to be printed. I had to wait some other months, but now the self titled debut album by VØid is in my hands. This stuff is downloadable for free from their MySpace but for just 10 or 15 (depends on the version you want) you can support a band buying the physical copy. The version I bought was the die hard one, with the disc put inside a cardboard case with and handnumbered card, all wrapped inside a velvet pocket, enclosed with some blue pout-pourri in a dark blue cardboard case, all sealed by a plastic strap with a pin on it. Very nice.

The first track is the re-recording of the above-mentioned Outward Calm Hidden Truth. It starts with a long and haunting intro and when the guitar starts kicking in is like a thunder carcking the sky. After some minutes the songs begins getting shape, with a nice and inspired riffing, reminding me a mesmerizing arab tune, with clean notes and strange chords in the background. The voice comes in the mix at sixth minute, growling in a choking and acid way. The vocal mix is lower then the instruments, giving a gloomy and alienated feeling to everything. The atmosphere gets stronger as the song goes on, while the vocals increase in desperation and illness. The last part is a long, haunting coda that fuses with the second song.

Black Skies one is another long droning track with some nice influences. The first part reminds me a lot of Hex-era Earth, with its clean guitar arpeggio, giving that desert plains and dark desert feeling to the song. It evolves in a more post-corish stuff as the guitar kicks in, outlining the shape of what we are going to hear. The vocals are slightly different than in the first track, with a more catchy way of singing. The mix between these desperate howls and the clean guitar work reminds me a lot of an incest between the viking-era Quorthon and the second disc of Prechambrian by The Ocean. The result is very atmospheric and puts the song in a sad and hopeless shadow. As long as the song goes to its end, the rhytmn keeps slowing down, dialating itself to the limits until it collapse on itself, leaving the last notes to a very evocative piano part.

The last song is Just Another Illusion Before The Deep. This is quite a delusion because for the first half is just a plain average distorted drone/sludge song, with a generic riff that grows boring very fast. We have to wait the ninth minute to get a very atmospheric part, with clean guitar, almost tribal drum work and movie samples followed by a more uptempo part that saves the day. In the last portion of the song VØid just go apeshit, smashing guitar chords and putting a shitload of white noise. The song ends abruptuly, letting me just begging for something more.

So, good way to debut, with an inspired and well composed first album. I was a bit disappointed by the first part of the last song, but it’s not enough to stopping me to praise this talented Italian outfit.

Long live to VØid!


~ by petetheripper on February 15, 2010.

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