C(an’t)S(top)M(olesting)D(eaf) & Friends

RUPTURE / CSMD (split picture 7″)

First of all, let’s spend a couple of words for the vinyl. This picture EP looks AMAZING.

The Rupture side is just as fucked up as you can imagine :

but I think CSMD side simply rocks, one of the best pic sides I’ve ever seen in my miserable life :

Ahh….RUPTURE! If you don’t know who they are you surely need some nice brainwash made by a full immersion in the most hated Aussie band of all times! On this EP they put 4 out of the 5 songs (no I Am A Trobot, sorry) appeared on the Alqahir EP in 2001. So, no unreleased or rare stuff by Rupture, but a good chance to remember one of their best records in recent past and, by the way, a personal favourite of mine. These stuff is in their classic style, so expect a pissed off, fast Ramones on dope punl-hardcore, with the icing on the cake made by the sleazy voice of the mighty Gus Chamber. These songs are all well known, Rupture should be branded in your brain at birth, so I don’t know why have to spend more words for this. RUPTURE = GODZ!

CSMD side is surely one of the funnier I’ve heard by the Dutch power trio. The usual blasts of noise is here at its place, fueled by distortion and a shitload of reverb. This kind of sound gives to everything a cool early noisecore releases vibe. It’s like sending 7 Minutes Of Nausea on Planet Of The Apes, with only a DVD collection of cheesy Sci-fi movies for having fun in the trip. Space Commander use of sax (!!!!) and theremin adds great value to all the composition, enhanching the underground late 50’s feeling that makes CSMD so great. One of the best features of this recording is the huge amount of covers made by the band, with great rendition of classic themes of TV shows, like UFO and Twilight Zone (which, by the way, is simply great). You will always find the two main themes from the two sides of CSMD : Godzilla (with the classic tune from King Of The Monsters) and sci-fi (the imperial march from Star Wars). I was grown watching cartoons (also keeping doing it….), so finding the opening themes from He-Man (Masters Of The Universe) and Transformers gave me chills. So, great stuff from CSMD for a VERY enjoyable and full of fun side.

This 7″ is co-produced by No Fucking Labels, Breathlike Violence and Rescued From Life.

ASH / CSMD  (split 7″)

pic  taken by Niels/CSMD, my camera is  fucked….

I was reading a lot of good words about AxSxHx on Fibro’s blog but I’ve never had the chance to hear them before. So, when I read the combo CSMD+good band Fibro talked about+LTD EDITION I was already sending an e-mail to Niels. They play a furious powerviolence, full of energy and blistering speed. I’m not a big pv follower, my love stops justafter the most well known bands and my fetish for female fronted bands like Mind Of Asian and Straight Edge Kegger, so I’m not too inside the enviroment to make good comparison. For what I can say, they remind me the faster parts of Despise You mixed with some grind elements, which I can compare to the early 90s Agathocles or Unholy Grave. Anyway, they rip, I really like their stuff and I’ve enjoyed a lot the way they play, especially bass guitar. The continous reference to Ash from Evil Dead series just adds enjoying value to the record, so hail to AxSxHx, they have found a new follower.

And, again, it’s time for CSMD. I’m really crazy about them lately, I have to admit it, but HOW can you hate a band who puts inside of their booklet three chicks almost naked, a starship and the title “CHAMPIONS OF THE COSMOS”? I don’t know. This stuff is slightly different for what they put out for the split with Rupture. Sadly, no sax here, and the bunch of covers is almost gone. They approach with their usual kind of noisecore, so expect a full dose of blistering full throttle noise, pumped with theremin and distortion. They’re, as always, very personal and passionate, and you will hear a lot of good ideas in these compositions, including a nice sludge passage and the cover of Batman theme from the 60s. Except that, no big surprises here, no whacky ideas or something too much strange. I think the split with Rupture is more enjoyable, but if you like noisecore, you will make this record a resident disc in your stereo for a long time!

There’s a nice way to intend the DIY way of life inside the package, I won’t spoil anything, so buy this slab of vinyl and make a good laugh!

This 7″ is co-produced by No Fucking Labels and Distrozione.




I’m getting tired reviewing great and good stuff, give me some shit! I want to talk about some bad stuff, I think I’ll review some shitty deathcore MySpace pumped band in the near future, ehehehhee.

~ by petetheripper on February 12, 2010.

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