12 WAY NOISE SPLIT tape review

I was a little bit skeptic about this release when I first saw the band that was on it. In my mind it was strange to see 7 Minutes Of Nausea and the first Extreme Smoke 57 recording since ages ago on a 12 way split tape with some underground legends or really obscure acts.
In fact I was, as often appens, wrong. This tape is killer and gives a very wide range of what you can intend with the word “noise”. The only sure thing is that this ain’t for sissy ears, since every band on it tries to destroy the boundaries of the so-called “music”.
So, let’s go!


Do they need any introduction? 7 Minutes Of Nausea are among the ones who generated it all, with their trademark muddy and pounding noisecore. On this recording they play one long track called “How Eng Is Stupidity???” apparently dedicated to a niece of one of the members (it’s not clear…), containing 2297 wods, as the booklet says. I don’t know if that means that there are 2297 SONGS, but this stuff surely sounds messy, totally in the vein of their mid 90’s stuff. Mick screams in a very grim way, giving a gloomy feeling to all the noise wall. Everything sounds fine, but what I have to put out it’s that this sounds JUST fine. I expect something more but these legends so, although it’s good material, I’ve listened it with an unsatisfied urge of timeless talent. I’m waiting to hear something more of their new material….


Here they are, the Canadian legends! I’ve already expressed my love for these guys, and these recording doesn’t change my feelings a bit! This is new stuff, coming from a 2008 session and it follows the trend of their latest re-recordings of D-C early demos. So you’re gonna find a shitload of tracks (167, precisely) played in a cleaner way than the usual Deche-Charge, all packed up with relentless speed and craziness. It’s always nice to hear them chatting between songs, and I just can’t stop myself headbanging when they start playing faster and faster like they’re mind-blowed berserkers. Searching in the tracklist it’s not hard coming across some gems, like the Voivod cover (Blower, from War And Pain. I assume it’s played in the slow-paced Motorhead style break near the end…) and the great statement “I won’t quit noisecore”. Please, Deche-Charge, don’t quit. Never.


I think CSMD are the moral winners of this comp. They play six songs, including a Star Trek theme cover, and they simply blow away everything on their path. For this session they take a more weird and sci-fi themed approach than usual, with a whirlwinding use of bass guitar and a face lifting impact on you. I think they’re using a theremin, or a synth, because that gloomy and atmospheric sound is infesting every song from the band, giving them a great feeling and a nice 50’s aftertaste. CSMD should be known by everybody, so you will either know if you love or hate them. Don’t be a fool, love’em.


California legends Gorgonized Dorks assault the listener with an untitled session, made out of blasts fueled with strange sound effects. I’m not sure if there’s a theremin on these songs like in CSMD ones, but there’s surely a freaky atmosphere, built over a strong and great sounding old-school Gorgonized Dorks structure. It’s great to listen to these weird stuff meleted together with the sound from the first GxDx EPs. If you’re a long time fan of them , you will like this session, otherwise try to get mesmerized by the sounds screamed by Katz and Ben.


Bestial Vomit is one of Italian’s prides. On this tape they burst out with an intro plus three songs. Their style is a muddy grinding noisecore, played with a various range of speeds. Imagine fusing together early Warsore and the more distorted songs of Sloth and you can figure out something. They sing in Italian about nice & cool Italian guys, like Borghezio and some random priests. Maybe these aren’t their best recording, but they can be happy with their songs. They’re passionate and nice, so if you’re into old-school mega lo-fi grindcore you won’t be disappointed!


I first listened to this band after Katz talked about them in the interview I’ve made with him and I really liked them. TxQxBx play a long session with no bass, with a very weird beginning and a strange buzz, reminding me the sound that Jason makes in Friday The 13th when he’s approaching (cha cha ch ch, if you know what I mean….). This tuff is full of explosions, sloppy parts and a shitload of feedback and reverb, giving it a strange and atmospheric touch. Great, even if they maybe can’t be everyone’s cup of teat. I like them, they can give an apocalyptic enviromental effect. Nice, I’m looking forward somethign more from them.


Hoehenkontrolle is a project by Mathias Weigand of 7MON, in which he plays a weird and mesmerizing kind of droning ambient noise, something between EGB or Mills Of God and Bastard Noise. There aren’t drums on this recording and it relies only on its atmospheric side. Not bad at all but it’s just a nice intermezzo between other noisecore acts. I think they can do better if put in a more fitting contest…


Woah! Extreme Smoke 57 are GREAT! I really like these legends from Slovenia and hearing something new from theme since ages is simply great. They released in these compilation three live songs, including a very nice cover of Fear Of God’s classic World Under My Fingernails. Their style on these recording (made in 2009) it’s more like their early days. So expect something more in the vein of their 2001 demo than on their cult release “Who Sold The Scene?”. So, three songs of noisy & crusty grindcore, like an harsher version of early Agathocles. If you’re into them or early Violent Headache or Dahmer you will absolutely dig this stuff!
Welcome back guys.


Ihavenoclue? are a bizarre duo playing a ultra messy kind of noisecore with a strange, almost spoken, vocal style. They sound like Permanent Death trying to match the sound of a super scratched Fear Of God’s first EP. They remined me also some of Pissdeads’ demos, with their harsh fuzz covering almost everything. Nice stuff, a little bit short maybe, but I really like to listen something more from them in the future.


I really WANT to talk about this band, but they play with too much low volume. Add that they’re too messy to figure something out and you will understand why I’m not judging this…


First of all, the way they joke about Anal Cunt name and logo is just HILARIOUS.
They also play like the American legends on their first Eps, so expect a harsh kind of blurrcore, devastated by a shitload of fuzz, reverb and distortion. They’re very nice, even if they’re following a continous pattern, like some of the latest stuff by Anal Massaker. They also remind me a wild mix between the muddier Permanent Death releases and the latest None Of Your fucking Business, all topped by the first stuff of Gorgonized Dorks.
Nice band, nice logo and nice style.


Closing the compilation we find the mysterious project called Crevez. They don’t share any kind of contact, information or members bio, so there’s only the music speaking. They blast with a structure lacking wall of noise, a long harsh track full of distortion and..well…noise. I was listening something very similar to this on Sexterminator 69 (from Bukkake Violence Kommando) solo project. Cool way to end the compilation, I have to admit it!

EDIT : Thanks to Hicham we know something, Crevez is the new project by blindhead from Napalm Noise. Thanks and cheers Hicham!


So, what about the overall judgement? This compilation, rocks, even if some stuff it’s not as good as I was expecting, it’s, plain and simple, a great exhibit of what is noise today. Sludgesicle is a very nice label and putting out this 12 way only increases its good status.


~ by petetheripper on February 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “12 WAY NOISE SPLIT tape review”

  1. CREVEZ is the new harsh noise project by blindhead from NAPALM NOISE (france) 🙂

  2. thanks man, added an edit!

  3. hahaha I have quite a few things by Morality Declined he didn’t use drums at all til the last few recordings and just did sloppy nasty ass bass/vocals tape noisecore. The split with Permanent Death is especially muck nasty. Let me know if you want me to duplicate anything for you in the near future.

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