It was around 2005, if I remember well it was summer and one day I was with GTB who suggested me to buy the latest addition to his distro, the split 7″ between Rupture and Netjajev SS. I was already a fan of the Australian hate-filled punk band, so I’ve decided to buy it. At home, Netjajev SS blew me away. I was in love with that kind of riffing, their style, their mood soaked with surf influences. I ‘ve loved them I love them now. More.

I’ve always found very difficult to describe Netjajev SS music. Can you call it hardcore? Mmmmh, maybe, but for em sounds too inaccurate. It’s not grindcore or metal, that’s clear. I can’t also call it powerviolence or fastcore, because I feel that it doesn’t fit at all. If someone asks me what kind of music they play, I can only figure out something like this…

Imagine to buy a time travelling Pinto, then go fetch Rupture and Lack Of Interest. Your next stop is New Orleans, where a houdou witch will rise Gas Chamber from the tomb. Decomposition will assure you the right vocal chord decay you’ll need. Then it’s time for time travel! Go back to the 50’s and make sure both bands sign up a cooperative contract that makes them play the soundtrack for a cheesy sci-fi movie, about a punk kid who loves to skate & bake getting abducted by a bunch of aliens that resemble The Trashmen. Well, ladies and gentlemen. THAT’S how I think Netjajev SS sound.


Magnus Lundberg is God, everyone should know that by now. Anarchy Andromeda is a really nice looking white 12″, with a wonderful cover and a very useful map of Andromeda galaxy included. It was released in 2007 by Rescued From Life records, in a strict edition of 234 copies. On this slab of vinyl you will find twenty tracks of their non-stop trademark surfing violence assault, some of them being re-published in some of the later productions. Just think of immortal dance hits like Sperm In The Oven, Mermaid Cunt or 10 Foot Vulva. I really like this record, although it lacks some of the sci-fi elements that makes Netjajev SS so outstanding, it truly kicks ass. You will find yourself headbanging hard without even noticing that, since all the riffs here are simple and mesmerizing. Netjajev SS is the living proof that making “simple” music is not a bad thing if you know how to do it…Just imagine them as the extreme music’s Motorhead, with less media coverage but with the same cult status. As always Magnus does a great job in vocals, with his trademark barks shouted with his monochord style without getting boring. Netjajev SS CAN’T get boring, you just want to push the play button again and again, until the needle will simply blow away.

On this record you will also find a cover of “I Don’t Wanna Be Learned” by The Ramones (that are, without any doubt, a big influence on Magnus) and “Thank You – Fuck You” by Bootleg Bill, which is quite a surprise for me. I really respect Bootleg Bill’s work, so seeing him covered by one of my favourite bands is simply great. Anarchy Andromeda stands out in Netjajev SS discography, even beside great stuff like Destroy All Planets, their self-titled EP and their amazing demos. I think that now it’s hard to find, but if you have the chance, buy it!


~ by petetheripper on February 8, 2010.

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