Yesterday I’ve watched a movie. You will point out that’s not a big news, and maybe you’re right, but since I find very hard to watch throughout a movie without losing attention, well, for me, it’s quite a news.

After starting a retrospectve on poliziesco movies (like Milano Calibro 9, Milano Odia, Roma A Mano Armata and so on) I’ve started respecting a lot Tomas Milian’s work, so I’ve decided to watch some of his earlier western movies.

So yesterday I was mesmerized by the gloomy and nichilistic vibe of “Se Sei Vivo Spara” aka ” Django Kill”. It was a good movie, with a nice plot and great acting, but since it was filmed in Italy in the mid 60’s, it had a very strict budget and has an amateurish shade that gives it a strange feeling. Plain bad make up, a strange and unnaturalistic way to die and, like the icing on the cake, a over the top weird sequence of “deadly” animals trying to torture the poor Milian. The choice of using footage from documentaries about an iguana and a fruit-eating bat maybe wasn’t the best idea, but that just makes everything amazing in its own way.

PTAO were the same. I first came in touch with that name around 6-7 years ago, when I wasn’t already into noisecore, but they tickled my fantasies with their description as a band mixing noisecore and classical music. About one year later I’ve received the PTAO / Purulent Spermcanal tape. At first I was amazed for the Purulent Spermcanal side, I LOVED them, but I’ve slowly fell in love even with the PTAO side. That weird approach, that later will make great bands such as Gorgonized Dorks and CSMD, blew me away. Sometimes it was just cheesy, I have to admit it, but it truly kicked asses. Long way coming, but that’s how Tomas Milian’s movie reminded me the Czech noisecore legends, eheheh.

Sadly they broke up, but like in every tale we can have an happy ending. They reunited in 2008 and the result is a bunch of releases that are popping out like mushrooms.

4ka 1/3

The first one i want to review is the amazing 3″ 4ka put out by KAZ Records. This is part 1 of 3 discs, so be sure to make yours each one of them, it will be surely on hell of a boxset!

On this CD you will find 231 songs splitted in six parts. The first sound you will hear is a fanfare trumpet and a piano, just setting the tone for a full noisecore mayhem! This session, recorded at the Barbarella Studios (like almost all of PTAO recordings), is simply killer. PTAO are simply very good musicians performing the noise art ina  very aggressive and skillful way. 7 Minutes Of Nausea, first Fear Of God, early Cripple Bastards and a lot of the faster Sore Throat are meleted together with good musicianship and very great taste. This stuff is reallly refreshening and well constructed and it seems to never grow old. They experiment a lot, even if they remain in the classic noisecore enviroment, but, tell me, how many noisecore bands you know that put a growling rap segment in their songs?

Here’s a lot of different kind of noise, so there’s stuff for everyone, even if you prefer short and distorted Deche-Charge type of stuff or more elaborated noise burst in Cripple Bastard’s way. I just have to talk about the production! It’s very clean and gives to all the songs a very modern sound, without sounding triggered or too whimpy for our low budget noisecore ears. So, great music played in a great way and with a great production. If you add a very nice packaging and the promise of two more of these, I expect you are already logging in to your PayPal account!

For orders : realfrost(at)orangemail(dot)sk


~ by petetheripper on February 6, 2010.

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