AS FREE AS A FREE SLOW DEMO! Vėžys + Colossal Monument

In this post I want to review a couple of the great amount of good stuff in free download out there, just dig some more and don’t be a brainless download-addicted. If you don’t have enough money you can still make yours very nice releases for free, without devaluing other people’s work!


Seven tracks in, roughly, twelve minutes. Not too far from the usual average of goregrind bands, but these freaks loves to shake things up a beat, slowing down till the most extreme limit compositions that otherwise will last around thrithy seconds. Vėžys are from Lithuania, surely not one of the most present countries in music geography, BUT they are not afraid of starting kicking asses. Each riff of the duo is clearly coming from a goregrind attitude, just dilated to extreme ranges. The voice is a gurgling mess of barks and effects, fitting perfectly the anxious vibe given from music, everything topped with a whole bunch of samples and gore cliches that, if the’yre done well like here, just won’t get old.
If you are willing to hear some goregrind played with a personal and original approach, Vėžys are the guys for you!

To listen to Vėžys, check their MySpace or download their Demo 2009 from their LastFM page.


King Bong, Gum, Vulturum, V0id, Stoner Kebab, El Thule and so on. Being Italian isn’t always a thing you can be proud about, but Italian “slow music” underground is strong and full of great bands. Now you can add also Colossal Monument, a bunch of guys from Modena playing an intriguing kind of “epic” stoner fueled with post- influences and evocative distortion. You can imagine a Satanism themed alcohol-soaked jam session between High On Fire, LetUsPray-era Electric Wizard and late Sleep, with everyone coming from listening to a Neurosis filled playlist on their mp3 player. The fuzz of the guitars gives to Colossal Monument’s sound a solid boost, adding a mesmerizing “thick” sensation to everything. I really like the way they dilute sound between one faster session and the other, like at the third minute of Hard Times For The Team, evocative and psychedoomelic. The rhytmn session is lovely, with a great bass work and a sharp and war monging drumming. If you like solid and original stoner metal, you will absolutely fall in love with Colossal Monument.

And, by the way, the first part of Apocalypse Soon, played with the acoustic guitar, is absolutely KILLER.

Check’em out at their Myspace and download their demo at the Sludge Swamp.


~ by petetheripper on January 31, 2010.

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